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About The Product

Con the Fruiterer’s daughter Tula tells All! The Good, The Bad and the Magic!

In news, Tula Tzoras Actor, Presenter and Producer with credits in top rating shows and several short films of her own, has just released her second book, The Truth About Acting, full of extraordinary revelations.

This is a story relevant to anyone who has a dream and is hindered in achieving it. As an actor and a student of human behaviour, Tula is fully aware of problems of low self esteem, rejection and the impact it has, second guessing others, thinking them better or worse off, destructive behaviour, victim mentality, hopelessness and all the drama!

Tula is here to solve these issues by advocating Self Referral, non judgement, practicing spiritual laws, meditation and a holistic, balanced approach to life.

As a working actor with a successful career spanning decades, Tula shares her own journey delving into very personal issues of limiting beliefs, addictions, anxiety and chronic fatigue. She describes specific situations taken from her life as an actor to alert readers of the possible pitfalls a creative career can bring.

What makes this story unique is Tula also shares how she overcame obstacles, the lessons she learnt and the tools she now possesses, so that actors and performers alike can skip the trial and error and thrive instead.

Not only does she divulge very personal information, but very valuable Industry information including how to love versus dread auditions, how to build a brand, how to build a website, including Industrial Affairs and the Actor’s Secret Weapon.

When asked what made Tula Tzoras write this book, she says: "Although I found it quite confronting to write such a personal account, I did it to make other people's lives easier. There is nothing I wish more than to see anyone with a dream soar to success."

Here is what Tony Knight former Head of Acting NIDA, had to say:

Tula Tzoras has written the most extraordinary and valuable book for anyone who wishes to work in the acting profession. It is helpful, insightful, and full of terrific advice. I thoroughly recommend it.’  - Tony Knight, former Head of Acting, NIDA


Tula is now looking for Media Partners in an effort to help as many as she can! She is available for Interviews and Speaking Engagements.

For Media Enquiries Please contact Tula Tzoras


Product Reviews

Clare103, Westminster WA


Great, informative and interesting.

Antoinette32, Wagga Wagga NSW


A very good read, thought provoking but still light. I enjoyed reading it and I have recommended it to a friend who is trying to break into acting.

Vicki129, Monto QLD


Interesting reading. I would recommend this book to people from all walks of life especially would be actors and anyone that is an actor.
I think its great Tula shares her own experiences, valuable tips and advice.
Thanks :)

Mummyly, Rydalmere NSW


This is a very helpful book and a good read. It has helped my obtain a greater understanding of the industry and will allow me to provide better support for my budding young actor. He is in the processes of reading the book and I know it will only help him to succeed. I recommend the book for all parents of children who wish to persue a career in performing arts.

Matt33, Currumbin QLD


As an inspiring actor and someone who dabbles in the industry it was interesting to read Tula's wealth of knowledge and advice. In such a demanding and difficult profession every little piece of information is extremely valuable in order to master and win the audition. Thank you for being honest in your life story and the ups and downs.

Good reading.

Matt Perry

Benjamin76, Wynnum West QLD


Story was very good and informative. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue an acting career.

Ali12, Russell Lea NSW


A great book, offering invaluable advice to the actor and non-actor. As an actor, it reinforced that I needed to walk away from an unhealthy job rather than hang onto something for the sake of being able to say I was in work. Highly recommended.

Sharna9, West Rockhampton QLD


If I was an aspiring actor/actress I think it would be a valuable read. I did enjoy some of the funny stories and was able to sympathise with the writer about being stressed and burnt out. I liked how she put dot points at the end of the chapter how she over came that barrier. I did find it a bit boring but I'm not wanting to get into acting. It is well written though. Would highly recommend it if I knew someone wanting to get into the entertainment industry.