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About The Product

Ask Baby A - A funny, factual parenting guide to the first year of life

Ever wonder what advice babies would give to new parents if they could talk? The world’s first infant columnist, the very witty and wise Baby A has the answer. Ask Baby A answers hysterical letters from babies perplexed by their parents during their first 12 months of life. It’s a fabulously funny practical parenting guide that no new parent should be without (and one that even dads will willingly read!).

Overseen by a fully-grown pediatrician, Ask Baby A deals with all aspects of a baby’s development, and goes beyond other parenting books to cover those real-life awkward scenarios typically experienced by new parents. The book zeros in on the latest findings on perceptual abilities, language, physical skills, and emotional growth during the first 12 months of life.

Better than a bib as a baby gift, and much more fun, Ask Baby A is available at www.askbabya.com. The Full Colour Special Gift Edition is $29.99, black and white edition costs $14.99 and the PDF colour download is $9.99. Original funny baby cards are available free from the Baby A site.

Product Reviews

Amy38, Singleton NSW


Wow this is a fantastic read. They weren't kidding when they said "A funny, factual parenting guide to the first year of life"
I'm a true believer of trying to keep things light in life that can have potential for major chaos and this book follows that same train of thought. It's great to see a book that brings up topics and Q&A's that are widely talked about between parents. What makes this book even better, is that it's been 'overseen' by a pediatrician, so you know it has information about the latest research in regards to a little ones first 12 months of life.
I love how this book is a great read, in terms of humor and information. I found it very easy to relate to this book - having a couple of children myself. My husband has even started reading this book! The illustrations totally capture those hairy moments!!

Wendy, Mundoolun QLD


A must for all parents with a small baby. This book is so different to every other baby book. It takes you inside the mind of a baby in a funny but honest way. You will look at the world from a babys perspective. The book also has wonderful illustrations. Overall its an interesting "to the point" read.

Belinda8383, Forster NSW


This is a great product
I would reccomend it to anyone who is having a baby or already has a baby
It has lots of great information