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About The Product

Gift Card Planet is the gift that everyone can enjoy.

Perfect for loved ones and corporate gifts, the card can be used wherever EFTPOS is accepted. Simply choose a pre-designed gift card or personalise your card with your own artwork or photos.

Product Reviews

Angela121681, St Ives NSW


What a great idea. I loved the idea of personalizing a gift card and it was so easy. I e-mailed a photo of my daughter and a couple of days later the card arrived. The picture was bright and colourful, I couldn't wait to use it.
I did have a little difficulty with the shop assistant, having not seen a card like this before. They needed convincing the card worked like a debit card as they were adamant they didn't accept gift cards. The card worked like an eftpos card. Swipe, select savings account and enter the PIN ( which was printed on the card ). It was easy and I was left with a card with a photo to keep.
I will be purchasing this product in the future.