5 x Xtreme Stain Remover – Red Wine Gone Packs

About The Product

Xtreme Remover is taking the world by storm with their ground breaking cleaning products. 

With over 25 years of scientific research and development, there are no other products comparable on the market.  Xtreme Stain Remover – red wine gone aids the removal of red wine stains. 

It doesn’t use bleach, is colour safe and leaves a fresh citrus fragrance.  Xtreme Mould Remover – stay away mould is proactive, not reactive; it not only removes mould but also prevents the reemergence of mould for up to 24months.  Both products are time efficient and easy to use.

Product Reviews

Emily1060, Morphett Vale SA


Just as this product was received I was about to try to get colour out of my work clothes, being a hairdresser I have the worst staining, I had a bright red on a pure white top and it took it right out! I will definitely be buying this product again!