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About The Product

WORX develop some of the world’s most progressive power tools and garden equipment. The SD Driver has been the biggest innovation in power tools seen in over a decade. The WORX SD screwdriver is a first of its kind, fully loaded, semi-automatic driver. What does this mean for the user? Six essential bits are waiting in the chamber and will automatically change with a simple pull of the slide. To help negotiate tricky hard-to-reach applications, the WORX SD Driver has an in-built LED light to guide the way, plus an additional 6 bit fully loaded cartridge and belt holster.

The Worx Sonicrafter works off micro-sonic high frequency technology, enabling the user to apply this tool to a wide variety of tasks such as cutting, sawing, scraping, sanding, polishing and many more. Variable speed control and multi-angle adjustment system make this tool great for use on wood, metal, plastic, tile and drywall. The Hyperlock™ system is a tool-free universal locking mechanism, which exerts over one tonne of clamping force to the accessory which ensures that the attached tool is secure. The Hyperlock™ system features a universal accessory interface, which is compatible with all other oscillating brand accessories!

Product Reviews

Jaqi, Curl Curl NSW


Wow the SD Driver, pack away the large tool box, the individual screw drivers and powered screw driver and all its parts. This is simple to use and 6 bits are contained within the driver. As a female it is light and very easy to use, even my 14 year old found it easy when she had a go.

My husband loved the Sonicrafter and found jobs to do quickly. Again small and compact and easy to change parts for different uses.

Jillian, Gordon ACT


I have been considering buying a multi tool for quite some time and boy am I glad I waited. The WORX Sonicrafter is by far the best tool I have ever owned. I am a single mother who loves to restore furniture, do all the odd jobs around the home myself and build various pieces of artwork. A lot of tools are just too heavy, awkward to use or too big to store but the WORX Sonicraftertool is just perfect for me. It is light weight, easy to store and extremely easy to use. The attachments are simple to attach and once locked in place they are well and truly secure. So far, I have finished restoring a rocking chair, fixed a small hole in a wall and even pruned a tree with this wonderful tool. The WORKS SD screw driver is the icing on the cake, instead of carrying several different screwdrivers for one job, I have all of them in one light weight, simple to use tool. Thank you so much for allowing me to review these exceptional tools, I look forward to many years of use with professional resluts. I wil be recommending WORX to all my very jealous male friends.

Nic81, Hammond Park WA


The SD Screwdriver is extremly easy to use and change between the different bits and changing the cartridge is even easier! The battery charges very quickly for use for an extended period. The ease to which it screws and unscrews makes fiddling with a standard screwdriver something of the past. A simple click changes between forward and reverse and the guide hole to use before putting a screw in, means no need to fuss around getting a drill to make the entry. Overall, very simple and easy to use!

The sonicrafter is so easy to use! With the hyperlock system, changing the bits takes only a quick twist and click and its done! The universal use means that other brands fit easy and make it much more versitile then others on the market. Sanding just got fun! No more scraping knuckles or hurting myself with the sanding attachment, easy to change between sanding pads for effortless work. Cutting, sawing and sanding all are now enjoyable with less work to achieve more results! It worked well on all surfaces we tried it on, going from wood to plastic to metal without having to change disks or fuss around with different tools. The 6 different speeds gives you total control over everything you are doing.

Overall, great tools that are happily recommending to anyone who is in the market for upgrades or looking for new tools!

josie, Hopevalley SA


Overall pretty good! i was actially surprised of how much power the semi automatic screwdriver actially had! the sander was also great! and the holster came in very handy! Overall pretty happy with all! Thanks very much. will definately consider buying more of your product in the future.