5 x Wholesomeness Personal Catering Services

About The Product

Tasty organic dinners - no shopping and zero prep time.

Wholesomeness is a Personal Catering Service; it’s how busy people can have chef prepared meals in their own home any night of the week.

For active families, people who have been away from home and those who can’t find time to cook, this innovative online service has the potential to make life a little less stressful and a lot healthier…not to mention tastier!

You select your meals and portions required from the online menu and your ready-to-go meals are made to order and delivered to your door, as an organised box of labeled, portioned and prepared dinners, complete with simple instructions to make dinner look and taste fabulous.

The best part is it all takes next to no time.

All meals can go from fridge to table in under 20 minutes and most only take 10. Meals come with wholesome easy to prepare sides like steamed potatoes, Provencale style beans and salads.

Gain instant access to organic, chef prepared, portioned meals providing a healthy diet base for the week.

The focus is on whole foods and there isn’t a preservative in sight.

Servicing South East Queensland www.wholesomeness.com.au

Product Reviews

Robyn145, Mcdowall QLD


The food that I tested was very flavoursome and great combinations. For me there is little point in something being healthy if it means that it doesn't taste good. The black bean brownies were amazing (they were like muffins). I also really enjoyed the coconut and turmeric chicken and the chimichurri beef. The super bircher muesli was sensational. If I was going to be purchasing prepared meals then this is the way to go with taste and variety rather than what you get in a supermarket.

Debbie , Labrador QLD


Chimichurri Beef W/Potato and Bean Salad nice curry was mild
Spiced Vegetable and Quinnoa Soup Had black beans in it thought as very nice had that today for lunch
Coconut and Turmeric Chicken W/Steamed Greans & Rice chicken a little bit dry
Pork & Apple Meatballs plenty of meatball the sweatness could have come from the apples I would have put a bit of ginger in the dish
Black bean brownies where my favourite a very chocolatey taste with macadanian crush nuts on top
Our Bircher Muesli lovely with milk and sugar on your cerial.

Sarah225, Bellbowrie QLD


It does what it says on the box. Great tasty organic dinners!