5 x Warm Bodymat™'s

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About The Product

Introducing the Warm Bodymat™ a revolutionary new warming blanket that requires no electricity to keep you cosy. Warm Bodymat is a safe and environmentally friendly must-have for winter, and now, 5 lucky viewers will have the opportunity to sample a queen size Warm Bodymat valued at $199, for themselves.

Unlike electric blankets, the Warm Bodymat operates by utilising your body’s own natural warmth, so there is no risk of becoming uncomfortable or overheating.

The average human emits between 80 and 116 watts of heat, just while resting! The Warm Bodymat utilises this energy and gives users comfort and warmth without the power bill.

The mat uses an innovative, patented structure, creating ‘isolated bubbles’ to capture and preserve the heat from your body, to warm you naturally.

Because the Warm Bodymat doesn’t rely on a power source to get warm, it costs nothing to run, is eco-friendly and most importantly, it is safe for the whole family.

The Warm Bodymat is useful all year-round for those with ailments that worsen with the cold such as arthritis, and is safe for accidental bed-wetters.

The Warm Bodymat is available to buy online at www.warmbodymat.com.au and at leading bedding and mattress retailers.

Product Reviews

Donna, Birkdale QLD


I'm the perfect person to review the Warm Bodymat as I am someone who freezes at night and am always coming up with ways to keep warm. I normally use three doonas over me and an opened sleeping bag underneath me.

What a difference with the body mat, three doonas on top of me is too warm now and I can make do with two. This is just so amazing, the Warm Bodymat really works.

My bed is king size and the Bodymat was queen, but that didn't matter, as I put turned the bodymat 90 degrees and put it on the top part of the bed, so from my knees down there is no Bodymat under the sheet. Sleeping with my feet at a cooler temperature is always more comfortable for me, so using it this way works well. The difference between the temperature of my feet (where there is no bodymat) to rest of me is incredible. The difference in temperatures is extremely noticeable.

Thank you so much for sending me a warm bodymat to review, it be used all through the colder months for now on.

cynthiabell, Ormeau QLD


I am thrilled to try the warm body mat. It lives up to everything it says on the box. No power bills, perfectly safe and keeps warm and snuggly all night. I was not sure how comfortable it would be to sleep on after using a lambswool topper for many years. I had no need to worry, it is soft and comfortable to sleep on. I love the fact that it is machine washable. Only let down was that it did not come with the storage bag as suggested on the box.
thanks for the chance to review this product. Congratulations it is great and I have already recommended it to friends and family.
Cynthia Bell