5 x Vetta Pasta Packs

About The Product

Vetta is pleased to announce that its High Fibre Pasta has been voted Product of the Year by Australian consumers.

Winner of the Healthy Pantry Staple category, as selected by an expert panel and thousands of shoppers*, Vetta’s High Fibre range is the only pasta to offer customers a high fibre option that looks and tastes the same as standard white pasta, whilst being healthier for the whole family. Vetta’s High Fibre range also features the low GI certification from the Glycemic Index Foundation, making it ideal for those monitoring their blood glucose level, or for those looking to introduce low GI foods into their everyday diets.

What’s more, the Instant Rollini pasta cooks in only 3 minutes, making it the pasta of choice for time-deprived mums looking to feed their kids a healthy snack or delicious meal.

Vetta High Fibre Pasta is available in Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Angel Hair, Penne Rigate, Large Spirals, Corkscrews and Instant Rollini.

Available at Woolworths, Coles, Ritchies and all good independent supermarkets, with an RRP of $2.05 for 500g.

For more information and deliciously healthy recipes, visit http://www.vettapasta.com.au/    


*Survey of 16,277 people by Nielsen. Healthy Pantry Staple category.

Product Reviews

Kerry159, Semaphore Park SA


I highly recommend Vetta's high fibre pasta. It is fast and easy to cook. The texture was smooth and when cooked it held its shape well. One of the best tasting pasta we have ever had, and has a delicious taste that separates it from other brands of pasta. Since eating Vetta pasta, we will only be buying this product for other products fall short of this great taste. The package in which Vetta pasta comes in, is quite informative about the product, cooking time, that it is Australian owned, that it is low GI, the dietary table etc. Knowing it is high fibre but the children could not tell, helps keep the whole family healthier. To me, it is important to have a high fibre diet for the family, but also knowing it is low GI. Receiving the Donna Hay book and the gift card, I was able to make a delicious pasta dish using Vetta pasta.

wandus, Kogarah NSW


Thank you very much for the opportunity to get this awesome basket full of Vetta. I cooked rollini yesterday and I truly loved it. It was cooked in no time, it was silky and delicate, yummy to eat. Texture was just fine and it was very pleasant to eat. Some of the pastas on the market are much more doughy and tough. I also liked the colour of it, it looked fresh. Of course I will buy it. I hope it is not to expensive .Packaging was average. It would not catch my eye while sitting on the supermarket shelve. Of course the fact that it is Australian made is an extra bonus. I read the package and Glycemic Index Foundation certificate made the product more attractive. Generally looks vey good. I consider this product modern, appealing and tasty....

kakan, Cardiff South NSW


I really liked this pasta, I found it cooked better than other pasta's, it was soft and did not have that raw taste that some have. Loved the texture and I also love that it is high in fibre. I would buy this product in future.

Bev149, Torquay VIC


This product is amazing, I have been using another brand of pasta. The pasta has a great taste and texture when cooked and holds it shape while cooking.

The rolling pasta is ideal for children and cooks in approximately 3 minutes.

The price point is excellent also. I will continue to purchase Vetta's Pasta and not the brand I was previously using.

Danieller, Greendale VIC


With two young boys, a meat eating husband and me a vegetarian pasta is definitely a staple in our house. So I was very excited to try a new pasta that was high fibre and low GI.

The first in the range I tried was the spaghetti with both a bolognese and a rocket and lemon sauce. The pasta cooked beautifully and while I could tell a slight difference in taste and texture to what I normally buy the pasta was still gobbled up with the bowls emptied.
I have since used three other packets for many pasta dishes including a couple of pasta bakes. The pasta has stayed together well and I love that a family favorite is now even healthier.
The three minute cook pasta was great for a night when I worked really late. I bought a sauce that could be heated in five minutes and had dinner ready to go simply and easily.
The taste is a bit more whole grain flavor but there have certainly been no complaints so I will definitely be buying this again.