5 x Vetta Pasta Cooking Prize Packs

About The Product

Already Australia’s best-kept secret when it comes to feeding your family high-fibre pasta with the same great taste as normal white pasta, Vetta has just launched its new Smart Pasta range.

Vetta’s innovative new Smart Pasta range is the only pasta on Australian supermarket shelves to provide consumers with high protein / low carb, and cholesterol lowering options that look and taste the same as standard white pasta.

Healthier for you, with the same great taste as regular white pasta, Vetta’s new Smart Pasta range allows you to enjoy your favourite pasta meals – the healthier way!

Nutritionists and medical practitioners always highlight the importance of a balanced diet. Consuming a diet higher in protein has been linked to weight loss since protein helps regulate appetite and cravings by enhancing the feeling of fullness for longer after a meal. There are also many health benefits in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, with high levels of bad cholesterol leading to higher risks of heart disease.

Vetta Smart Pasta features 3 different SKUs – Penne, Spirals and traditional Spaghetti – and is available in the main pasta aisle in Woolworths supermarkets nationally, as well as selected IGA and FoodWorks stores.


Product Reviews

KB65, Lameroo SA


A great pasta with no difference to ordinary white pasta in taste. Probably a little longer cooking time but is great with vegetarian sauces, cream sauces and with just parmesan and a little olive oil. I would definitely use this pasta always now hoping the health benefits will help my future well being.
The traditional spaghetti is definitely my favourite but all three taste great and I can highly recommend for the family.

bigmumma61, Moorooka QLD


We always believed pasta was pasta - till now. We really enjoyed the pasta which I shared amongst my family and friends who all agree, it was top quality. I have even made a pasta dish from Jamie's cookbook. I know what brand I will be purchasing in the future and that Pasta is not just Pasta. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test and rate this product.

Ann, Emerton NSW


I was delighted with the Vetta pasta pack I was selected to review; as a family we were already
frequent pasta eaters. The new 'smart pasta' is delicious, easy to prepare and it comes from an Australian company. The beta glucan content is shown on the packet, also shown is that it's derived from oats. I have learned (from my doctor) that very little beta glucan is required in a daily diet to have positive results, and Vetta smart pasta has at least 1 gr.
The packaging is excellent, half transparent window to show contents and half opaque to allow for preparation instructions, nutritional details and best before date, a long shelf life but pasta doesn't last long in our house.
The pasta takes up the sauce beautifully, even the spaghetti does this, though I am more a penne person. I have also tried the penne in a pasta bake which was very much enjoyed by the family.
This is a pasta that I will buy. As it's only available at the moment in spirals, penne and spaghetti, I hope Vetta will add lasagna in the future.

Catherine200, Fairlight NSW


This week I cooked up a batch of Vetta smart pasta - I chose the cholesterol lowering spirals. The pasta was delicious! Its texture was good, the spirals held their shape and held the tomato and salami sauce very well.
One of the diners thought that the pasta could have had a stronger taste - but the rest of the table thought that the texture more than made up for that. Personally, I found the taste very good and will definitely use Vetta smart pasta again.
Its great to know that I can eat something so tasty and know it's good for me!

Ann, Deniliquin NSW


I have just tried all three types and found them to be very nice.
They were just as easy as normal pastas to cook.
I liked the texture of all three especially the spaghetti I thought it was very silky, although my husband would prefer a thicker one, he says "number 2".
I did expect the texture to be grainer but it wasn't and the taste was great.
I would definitely purchase any of these products on a regular basis.
The packaging is appealing except 2 of the packets were broken wide open when I opened the box. Not sure whether the book tore the packages or not. The packages may need to be strengthened somehow.
I struggle to maintain my cholesterol levels so this product will become more useful for me when planing our meals.

Kind regards