5 x Valet Chef Home Delivered Meals

About The Product

Valet Chef is Celebrity Chef Pete Evans’ new venture - a Paleo-inspired, organic food delivery service offering delicious, healthy meals.

Pete and the Team are thrilled to introduce their service to you. As Pete says  “Valet Chef brings everything I love about food together. My recipes, prepared in perfect portions, ready for you to simply cook in about 30 minutes – all the hard work is done for you. The ingredients are organic and Paleo-inspired (no dairy, gluten, grain or refined sugar). From my kitchen to yours – healthy every day.”

Our menu includes ready-made desserts. Cook with Love & Laughter!

Product Reviews

Stephanie981, Kilsyth VIC


This food was amazing. It came fresh and was conveniently packed. The recipes were very easy to follow and all the main ingredients were supplied.
Was great to have easy, affordable and tasty healthy food.
Receiving all the food fresh and easy to store away is a much better option then getting frozen food items delivered.
This will certainly be something that I would look into purchasing in the future.

Namita, Murrumbeena VIC


YumYum. I really enjoyed how super organised this kit was - ready to go and so convenient for weeknights, I can definitely see the advantage.