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About The Product

Trilogy is a high-performance, natural skincare range winning awards and fans the world over because, quite simply, it works. Trilogy skincare contains unique blends of powerful natural actives to deliver results you will love.

Our exclusive gift pack contains 4 beautiful body products: Botanical Body Wash (500ml) - This award-winning Trilogy favourite is formulated from a delicate blend of aroma-therapeutic oils, non-drying cleansers and pure plant extracts so you start your day revived and refreshed. Aromatic Body Oil (100ml) - A 100% natural, lightweight blend of seven of nature’s most nutritious and nourishing pure plant oils to condition and protect your skin while helping alleviate stress. Everything Balm (45ml|) - Trilogy’s multi-tasking marvel combines the world’s best pure plant ingredients with smart thinking. This multi-purpose balm is environmentally friendly, ideal for the whole family and can be used on everything from chapped lips to dry elbows. Nourishing Body Lotion (200ml) Replenish, soothe and nourish your skin with a rich blend of natural ingredients including omega rich Evening Primrose and Certified Organic Rosehip Oils. Provides long lasting softness and helps improve elasticity. To find out more about Trilogy visit www.trilogyproducts.com

Product Reviews

Tanny, Sturt SA


Trilogy Bodycare is officially my new best mate! Wow, their products are truly fantastic!

I tried each product the day I received them and each and every product is now a part of my daily routine. I have never come across a bodycare product that makes you feel like you have stepped straight of an amazing day spa, but believe me, Trilogy will give you this feeling.

Trilogy's products contain the most natural ingredients and the aroma leaves you feeling so relaxed and calm. I use the Botanical Body Wash (which will last you forever as you only need a small amount on your loofah/sponge!) and follow up with the Nouishing Body Lotion, which leaves my skin feeling the silkiest it has ever felt. I found the Aromatic Body Oil fantastic before I go to bed, as it is ultra calming and as an added bonus, makes the bed linen smell so cozy and fresh!!!

The Eveything Balm is a complete must for absolutely anyone!!! It now has a permanent place in my handbag, because this little gem will go with me everywhere. I find it fantastic as a lip balm as it softens the lips without leaving a greasy residue! Also, if during the day you find the odd dry spot on you heels, face, elbows, whack on a touch of this balm and problem fixed.

I have already Iooked up my local stockists of Trilogy Products so I know where to top up! Alternatively, you can order them online at www.trilogyproducts.com and also get a detailed overview of their entire range!

I would 100% reccommend these products to EVERYONE!

Laura, Kensington Grove QLD


I was lucky enough to be able to trial the Trilogy range of body products. It is probably easier to rate them as individual products.

Botanical Body Wash - Love this product. The perfume is divine and I have had numerous comments from others about how my skin smells after using it. It is a unique fragrance which manages to wake you up for a morning shower and yet also relax you when used at night. I found that I slept much better after using this product just before going to bed. It doesn't lather as much as other products I have used but a little goes a very long way.

Aromatic Body Oil - by far my favourite product. Being 8 months pregnant and suffering throughout with dry skin, this is the only product that has actually worked to condition my skin effectively. I have to admit I'm not normally a fan of oils as they tend to take a long time to absorb in to the skin and they can make me feel a bit greasy. This oil was excellent though. It absorbs in straight away, smells gorgeous and moisturises like no other product I have ever used. The bonus is that when you've finished rubbing the oil into your body, your hands and nails are left in excellent condition too. I would buy this product again and again and get rid of all other moisturisers in my bathroom cabinet.

Everything Balm - again, had that beautiful perfume and was an excellent moisturiser for problem areas. I did use it on my lips which took a bit of getting used to due to the strong perfume. I also used this product on my 18 month old son after his showers. It absorbed easily into the skin and effectively nourished targeted areas.

Nourishing Body Lotion - Despite really liking this product it would have had to be my least favourite mainly because I found it didn't rub into the skin very easily. However, it seems that only the smallest amount will moisturise a huge area so believe it is a much better product that that which you'd buy off the supermarket shelves. It also had a beautiful perfume which I was complimented on.

Overall I think Trilogy products are fantastic. I would definitely consider buying them myself, especially the Aromatic Body Oil.

erk666, Sorrento QLD


The four products included within the pack is a body wash,, moisturising cream, oil and balm.

The trilogy body wash is a nicely scented lather which is smooth and beautifully refreshing .the same can be said of the moisturising cream. The body oil is fantastic - though I must confess that I primarily used it on my face so I could enjoy the beautiful scent. In relation to the balm, it's fragrant free and not waxy, as I find i am susceptible to dry skin during winter and the balm was especially good on trouble spots such as the hands, lips and elbows.

I would highly recommend the Trilogy products ,they leave your skin feeling clean and nourished, while the products feel light and delicate on your skin.