5 x Toosh Coosh Seat Sets

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About The Product

Toosh Coosh - NEW Soft portable booster seats for the home.

When your kids are no longer toddlers, but not yet grown up, a little extra height is needed to sit at the dinner table. Way too big for a high chair, children over three are still unable to reach the table from an adult chair, often resulting in frustration and mess for everyone. Booster seats are too babyish for bigger kids, and – let’s face it – they can look pretty awful.

The Toosh Coosh – Kids’ Support Seat is the kid-friendly, parent-friendly, restaurant-friendly solution. Also perfect for craft and homework projects, the Toosh Coosh provides the right height and comfort for children aged 3yrs + sitting up the dinner table. The Toosh Coosh - Kids Support Seat is soft, lightweight and very easy to clean. The Ergonomic design improves child seated posture and it's safe secure with no need for straps as it stays put with the weight of child and it's portable with a cute carry bag provided. Plus you receive a FREE download of the book Mealtimes without Mayhem - The Easy to Follow, How to Guidebook to happier and healthier mealtimes!

Toosh Coosh – Kids Support Seat Only $49.95 RRP www.tooshcoosh.com.au

Product Reviews

Tabitha, Summer Hill NSW


it made our meal times so much more bearable, as you young one is keen to com to e table to sit in her specal chair so she can see & inetract with the adults. the convenince is more thani could have asked for.. it's easily tranportble & comfrtabel fo my child for where-ever we use it.