5 x The Chia Co Australian grown chia packs

About The Product

Chia is the highest combined source of plant-based omega-3, fibre and protein, and is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
Chia offers essential wholefood nutrition that is often lacking in our modern diet. The health and wellness benefits of chia are far reaching, from increased energy levels and improved digestive health, to helping promote healthy skin, hair and nails
Just one tablespoon of chia delivers 100% of your daily omega-3 ALA, 25% of your daily fibre and nearly 10% of your calcium, magnesium and iron. Chia is a fantastic source of vegetarian protein, containing all nine essential amino acids.
Chia can be eaten raw and doesn’t require grinding. Sprinkle onto your muesli, into your salads or smoothies, or soak in liquid to form a chia pudding. There is no nutritional difference between black and white chia.
The Chia Co are the world’s largest producer of premium quality chia. All chia seeds from The Chia Co are sustainably grown, 100% chemical free, certified non-GMO and can be traced back directly to paddock on which it was grown.
Each hamper includes; Black Chia Seed 500g, White Chia Seed 500g, Chia Shots, Chia Ground Seed, Chia Bran and Chia Oil.
For information on specific products and recipe ideas visit thechiaco.com.au

Product Reviews

CDubz, Waterloo NSW


This hamper has been a fantastic addition to our kitchen, we've started added The Chia Co Chia Seeds and Oils to all of our cooking - my family especially love the Chia Puddings, super easy to make, and have ready in the fridge for a quick go-to snack or addition to breakfast. Not only for sweet, but also being able to add it to savour foods as well. Packed full of protein and your daily omega intake!

Sharon1405, Shadow Park SA


Great products with a great feeling of more energy in my day!

cj93, Craigmore SA


Tried and loved all of these Chia Co products and will definitely purchase them in the future. Very high quality, nutritious and was quick & easy to add into my diet.