5 x Suncoast Gold Macadamia Nut Boxes

About The Product

Kick-start 2015 with a selection of healthy and delicious macadamia treats from Suncoast Gold.
Suncoast Gold has been dry roasting and flavouring delicious Australian grown macadamias since 1985. With a great selection of flavoured macadamia nuts and high quality macadamia oil, Suncoast Gold has developed a fine reputation.

Now with their brand new macadamia milk, they offer a non-dairy drink alternative. With two options of Original and Unsweetened, the macadamia milk convinces with its creamy nutty taste and is a healthy choice alternative to dairy, soy and almond. Macadamia nuts contain significant amounts of micronutrients and are a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Try it on cereal or make your own delicious smoothie using the George Foreman Mix & Go Pro blender with recipes from whole food blogger, Tess Masters and her cookbook The Blender Girl.

For more information on Suncoast Gold and their range of macadamia products, please visit the website www.suncoastgoldnuts.com or Facebook page www.facebook.com/suncoastgoldnuts

Product Reviews

Catriona39, Harlaxton QLD


Absolutely love the products! The macadamia milk is a beautiful product and I was really surprised at the low number of calories that it contains. Give me this over Soy any day! We already were using the macadamia oil, as we find you don't need a lot to cook with and it is very friendly to use with our non-stick surface pans - keeps them brand new. The nuts disappeared very quickly with the Wasabi flavour being the favorite, particularly with myself and the kids. Probably the only flavour that we didn't enjoy were the abalone.

The whole family was exited to receive a much needed blender, as we have been wanting one for many years. I got straight to testing the smaller blender attachment for a macadamia milk, peach and honey smoothy. Works like a dream and the special setting for smoothies ensures a perfect end product. The recipe book "the Blender Girl" is fantastic, and I am working my way through it at a good pace. Have already made the 'Raspberry-Lemon Cheesecake' and am making the 'taste-like-icecream kale' smoothy tomorrow. I was delighted with the variety of content within the book, as she also provides hints and tips for soaking and sprouting your own products. She has recipes also for dips, main meals and making your own milk! This is certainly a book for everyone - and is a good way to get your quick pick-me-ups and healthy meals. When I walk to work I can take my breakfast with me, as the smaller attachment is also used as a drinking container.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to try and rate all of these products - it was Christmas come early!

Jayne77, Manly NSW


Thrilled to bits with my blender and cookbook - and the Suncoast Gold Macadamia products? - YUM! All delicious additions to my healthier eating program. Will certainly be buying Suncoast Gold again!

Renee685, Magill SA


I was really excited to try these as I love macadamia nuts but hadn't tried most of these products before.

I loved the nutty fragrance of the macadamia oil, and the lightness of it. I used it for roasting veggies, frying meat and in salad dressings. The subtle flavour really lets the main ingredients shine, and doesn't overpower them as olive oil can sometimes do. I also found that particularly my fried and baked items seemed less "oily" than when I use olive oil. A product I'll definitely be buying again :)

I've never tried any non-cows milks before so was really interested to try the macadamia milks. I found when drunk on their own that they were more watery and less creamy than cows milk (although this makes sense when they contain only 2% fat). I liked the nuttiness of both milks but preferred the original one - as the creaminess was missing, I found that I really needed the sweetness. The unsweetened one wasn't sweet enough for me. I probably wouldn't drink either of these milks on their own, but when I made smoothies with them that was a whole other story! The nut flavour was amazing in the smoothies and made them taste so different to my usual smoothies (which generally consist of cows milk and frozen fruit). I've tried a few fruit combos so far and my favourite was simply banana with the original macadamia milk and some honey and cinnamon.

My take on the dry roasted nut varities:

Unsalted - YUM! I loved these and could eat the whole packet in one go. Beautiful nut flavour and they felt healthier as they had no salt.

Sea Salt: I love that the salt was powdered so you didn't get big chunks of salt on the nuts, but I think they were too salty. I really liked them but could only eat a few at a time before the salt was too much. Reducing the salt % of the pack might help.

Abalone: I made the mistake of smelling these before I ate them. They smelt awful, like dried salty off fish. Unfortunately they didn't taste much better. The fish flavour was too strong and there was a strange aftertaste. I won't be eating these again, although I commend Suncoast for trying something different.

Wasabi: I will preface this by saying that I don't like wasabi. I hated these nuts. Too spicy and peppery and wasabi-y. My husband however loved them and ate the rest of the pack in one sitting. I think you'll either love or hate this flavour, no fence sitting here.

Honey Roasted: My favourite of the lot. I love honey roasted nuts generally but these were different in that the honey layer wasn't a thick toffee like other nuts. It was thinner and more powdery which I loved. The flavour of the macadamias really came through, unlike nuts with a thick toffee layer where you can't actually taste the nuts themselves. A real winner.

I am working my way through The Blender Girl book and it's giving me lots of healthy ideas that I'd never even thought of before. Of course there are the obligatory smoothies and soups (which is far as my previous blending experience goes) but the book has so much more. I've tried some of the salad dressings and am really keen to attempt to make my own nut butters. Luckily I have my new George Foreman blender which will allow me to do the heavy duty blending that I couldn't do with my old blender! The strong blades make everything effortlessly smooth and the smaller smoothie cups are great for making an individual serve to take on the run.

Overall I was really pleased with the majority of these products and will be buying a number of them again.