5 x Spineless Classics Prints

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About The Product

These beautifully presented works of art from Spineless Classics would certainly make a stunning gift. It is actually the entire book laid out in a poster. Yes that’s right the WHOLE BOOK! The simple idea behind Spineless Classics is to take some of the best known and loved classic texts and turn them into works of art that would look elegant in any room of the house.

There are currently 39 versions of classic tales such as Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Peter Pan, The Great Gatsby and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. There are also lots of children’s classics that would be perfect for a stylish nursery or child’s room. Each poster has a unique image relating to the story, as part of the design. Up close the text is visible to the naked eye so the whole book can be read without turning a page.

All posters come unframed and printed on heavyweight paper. Most of the prices range from $79.95 - $125.00 unless they run across multiple panels such as The Complete Works of William Shakespeare that runs over 5 panels and sells for $500. To view the full range available go to www.spinelessclassics.com.au