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About The Product

Smoke and Roast is a distinctly Australian flavour, that all Aussies will love. There is no gluten or MSG in Smoke and Roast , rather it is predominantly natural Australian sea salt that has been carefully  blended with a range of herbs and spices.
Use it instead of salt and pepper, to transform an everyday meal into a gourmet feast that will tantalise your taste buds.
Just added to our range are Smoke and Peri, which has all the fantastic ingredients of Smoke and Roast with a gorgeous peri peri twist ( for those who love a bit more spice and heat in their cooking), and Smoke and Curry. The colour is sensational. The taste is even better. Use this in white sauce dishes, and as a secret ingredient to lift all your favourite recipes .Teamed with  eye catching and memorable branding , Smoke and Roast and its varieties, are sure to be a top seller in any quality and premium retail environment.  For more info please contact info@smokeandroast.com.au

Product Reviews

katlion, Loganholme QLD


Fantastic. Sprinkled on chicken breasts liberally and grilled on bbq. Crispy skin, smoky taste. Too easy! 4.5 stars. Add some recipe and use ideas and I would perfect for the chef in your life.

Merryl19, Balmoral Ridge QLD


Yummy. I have tried 3 of these products. My favourite is the Peri Peri one - added a nice flavour to a dish I made. The Smoke and Roast was also nice, with this one, I ground it up to add to a salmon pasta and it was good. The Curry one smells delicious.

Re the 3 products, I found if I was adding them last minute, it was better to grind them up a bit, but absolutely fine to add whilst cooking.

All in all, I recommend this product - tastes great. 5 stars from me

Abel6, Redland Bay QLD


The smell of Smoke and Roast is incredible. Delicious on Roast Vegetables. Tastes really good.