5 x 'Smoke and Roast' Hampers

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About The Product

Smoke and Roast is a distinctly Australian flavour , that all Aussies will love. There is no gluten or MSG in Smoke and Roast , rather it is predominantly natural Australian sea salt that has been carefully  blended with a range of herbs and spices.

Use it instead of salt and pepper, to transform an everyday meal into a gourmet feast that will tantalise your taste buds.

Just added to our range are Smoke and Peri, which has all the fantastic ingredients of Smoke and Roast with a gorgeous peri peri twist ( for those who love a bit more spice and heat in their cooking), and Smoke and Curry. The colour is sensational. The taste is even better. Use this in white sauce dishes, and as a secret ingredient to lift all your favourite recipes .Teamed with  eye catching and memorable branding , Smoke and Roast and its varieties, are sure to be a top seller in any quality and premium retail environment.  For more info please contact info@smokeandroast.com.au

Product Reviews

Karin64, Mount Evelyn VIC


This is a great product. It ads a delicious Flavour to your Food, especially Roasts and Meats. Highly recommended to all Food Lovers and Hobby Cooks

Emer5, Heidelberg VIC


I love these spices!! Just the smell of the Smoke and Roast spice mix makes me drool. I've kept a grinder of the Smoke and Roast spice next to the cook top and find myself reaching to add it to nearly every meal. It adds such a zing to every dish. I had some friends around recently and bought two organic chickens which I butterflied and rubbed with the spices. One chicken was in Smoke and Peri and the other was Smoke and Curry and I threw them on the BBQ. They worked out far better than I'd even expected and I was asked many times about the marinade on the chickens. We were going to have leftovers in our sandwiches the next day, but I found my boyfriend on the couch eating cold spiced chicken for breakfast instead. Definitely a hit!

Tracy627, Marangaroo WA


Love these seasonings I used them on so many different foods and they were all delicious, as per the companies recommendation I also tried them instead of ordinary salt and pepper, so tasty!, I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Amanda1765, Moonta Bay SA


This has made my kids enjoy there Sunday night roast