5 x Sleep Secrets Sleepwear Sets

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About The Product

Looking for a new sleeping partner? Sleep Secrets sleepwear is your answer. Sleep Secrets is an Australian owned and designed range of luxury sleepwear. Our elegant range of sleepwear is made from eco-friendly bamboo fabric, which is light to the touch, drapes beautifully and gives you the luxurious look and feel of silk or cashmere. The styling of Sleep Secrets sleepwear garments creates a high fashion image, making our sleepwear ideal for women who want to feel comfortable and look fabulous.

Bamboo fabric has excellent wicking properties, which makes Sleep Secrets sleepwear the perfect choice for anyone experiencing night sweats, due to pregnancy, women experiencing hormonal changes due to menopause, women suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, or if you have sensitive skin. Sleep Secrets sleepwear helps to keep you dry, cool and comfortable, thereby promoting a good night’s sleep. At Sleep Secrets we offer a classic range of sleepwear pieces; camisoles and tap pants, pyjama sets, nightgowns, robes and slippers, all presented to you in a divine pyjama wallet. Pop in to our gorgeous online boutique www.sleep-secrets.com.au where we offer a flat rate of $10 for shipping and fabulous customer service. You’re looking gorgeous tonight!