5 x Simply Raw Packs

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About The Product

Simply Raw is an Australian owned company offering a range of delicious and nutritious 100% organic, raw, vegan superfood bars that will not just tantalize your tastebuds, but energise your body with the best nutrition our earth has to offer! The flavours are unique and the range caters for all types of dietary restrictions, from Gluten intolerance to nut allergies. We hand make premium quality products and there is something for the entire family to eat and enjoy. Simply Raw bars are made of organic natural ingredients without additives, putting an end to cravings leaving you satisfied, energised, full of nutrition and healthy. One Simply Raw bar per day satisfies your appetite and prevents you from overeating. Eat simply. Eat raw. Be healthy.

For more information: www.simplyraw.com.au

Product Reviews

leesah8293, Salisbury East SA


they were so good!!! so tasty and so soft unlike similar product you just about break your teeth on. they taste like something fresh from the bakery and my whole family children included loved them i hope they come to my local supermarket soon.

Emsalee, Geraldton WA


When these arrived, I was quite surprised at how heavy the whole box was and couldn't wait to dig into them. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed on most occasions. My evaluation of the four flavours:

- Chocolate Brownie -
My second favourite of the flavours. It takes some getting used to but the flavour soon becomes almost pleasant. I wouldn't say no if I was offered one.

- Coconut Rough -
My definite favourite. This flavour incorporates the best aspects of the Chocolate Brownie while being much more moist and palatable. I wouldn't mind having this one again either.

- Lemon Macadamia -
Really not a big fan of this one. The lemon is way to overpowering in it and is almost to sour to stand. I couldn't finish the first one and ended up giving the rest to my mother.

- Sesame & Nougat -
I'm sorry to say, but I really hated this one. I took one bite and had to spit it out. This bar really is the worst thing to grace my palate in quite some time.

After some research on the Simply Raw website, I found that these bars will cost you a hefty $5 each. Considering what they are like, I definitely would not spend so much on them. However, on a better note, I have a friend who is highly gluten intolerant and after sampling one of the Chocolate Brownie bars she was quite surprised. I suppose when your diet is restricted as much as hers is, these aren't all that bad.