5 x Silver Fingerprint Heart Pendants from Little Silver Prints

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About The Product

There is nothing more unique than a person’s fingerprint; Little Silver Prints brings together the finest silver and precious baby, family, loved ones or pet's prints to create stunning, unique and sentimental jewellery that will be treasured for generations to come. We can even turn child’s artwork into a truly unique piece of fine silver jewellery.

Beautifully handcrafted, our jewellery makes the perfect gift for mums, dads, grandparents, brides, grooms and just about anybody that wants a unique, one off creation that will keep loved ones close.

Our brand new Organic Range Fingerprint Heart Pendants come complete with a sterling silver chain. These stunning pendants feature two sets of fingerprints intertwined, perfect for weddings, anniversaries, special unions or just that little something ultra personal.

If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be sent one of our easy to use 'fingerprint kits' which will then need to be returned for your pendant to be made. All postage is included, including registered post of you precious final piece.

Be Individual. Be Unique. Stand Out.

Little Silver Prints – Personalised Jewellery for a lifetime of love


Product Reviews

Jenny436, Abbotsford VIC


I was so excited when I found out I was reviewing this product as my partner is about to head overseas for two months and I was looking for a little sentimental keepsake before he left - and what could be better!

In no time, I received the first package with 2 mould-making kits and a set of instructions. I must admit, we had a great time making our fingerprint moulds - even if it was a little stressful, as you have to be quick before they harden!!

I sent it off and in less than a week I received back my beautiful silver heart necklace with our finger prints very clearly imprinted into it.

It's absolutely gorgeous and is certainly a talking point at work! I love how it is subtly personalised and I can imagine it is something we'll be able to show our kids in many years to come.

Great service - came very quickly and also received updates from Laura (owner of Little Silver Prints, I presume!) so I knew exactly when it would arrive.

Pamela60, Kyogle NSW


This is an amazing product. Not only was it fun to sit down with my family and create the fingerprint clay mould, but the finished Silver Fingerprint Heart Pendent is beautiful and totally unique. This would make a fantastic gift for anyone getting married, having a birthday, giving birth etc or just a very special keepsake for yourself and family members. Little Silver Prints offer an unique and amazing product. Well done and highly recommended.