5 x Sebamed Skincare Cleanse and Care Packs

About The Product

Cleanse, Treat and Moisturise with Sebamed Skin Care. A Dermatologist own brand that is formulated at pH5.5 for the healthiest skin.

Sebamed cosmeceutical skincare system offers specially formulated products for the gentle care and treatment of the face and body; leaving the skin smooth and supple, and protected from harsh environmental influences.  Adjusted to pH 5.5 of healthy skin, the Sebamed cleansers and moisturisers nourish and preserve the natural moisture balance of the skin with its active moisturising complex.  It is readily absorbed by the skin without greasy residue.  Dermatologically and clinically tested these products suit all skin types, including sensitive and problematic skin, and are supported by the Eczema Association Australiasia. 

This pack contains a complete skincare set that you can use to wash your body, cleanse your face, moisturise the body, rehydrate hands, strengthen nails, and finally treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Sebamed products are available at Costco, Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse and selected Pharmacies.  Visit www.sebamed.com.au for more information, or like our ‘Sebamed Australia’ facebook page for more facts and chances to win.

Product Reviews

Jenny356, Hillarys WA


You can tell when a compnay really reates it's own products when you receive a large sample and Sebamed have evry right to!

The Products came just at the right time as my Husband's Dermatitis had just flared up again and this time really bad. He can't use normal 'supermarket' brand shower creams as they sting so the face and body wash was amazing! Not the greastet fragence but a hell of a lot better than the other body washes he has used in the past. To get my husband to use any lotion is a challange so he rates the products alot.

the body lotion cooled and calmed his skin and he was using it in teh middle of the night on his skin to get some relief.

I used the anti bacterial face wash and it has been great on my hormal break outs. The face cream soaks straight in and I can use day and night.

Overall I'm really impressed with the Sebamed products and would like to try more.
Wish we had tried them early and probbaly will buy again when they run out.

emagic, Warradale SA


These sebamed products are excellent. This is because they are medically formulated products with very good ingredients like lipids and Panthenol to help sensitive and other skin types.
The hand nail balm is great for dry hands and is easy to use as it can be massaged into skin with ease. Further there is no overbearing scent in the products that distracts from the pleasant usage. The clear face is a particularly good cleanser and get's off dirt and grime with ease and leaves the skin fresh and clear. The pH 5.5 balanced liquid face and body wash is very refreshing to use, it's green colour makes it easy to see coming out of the big size bottle that fits on the bathroom shelf or sink. Again it has a very slight perfume that makes it very pleasant to use. The texture is very smooth and it lathers extremely well. The moisturising Q10 protection cream again pH5.5 provides perfect hydration for the skin. It's texture is light but also firm enough to transfer to the skin without drops falling and any of the product being wasted. It definitely leaves the skin feeling smooth and firmer. It's very comforting on the neck where it provides further hydration and application is so nice because of the light texture of the cream.
The moisturising body lotion has a texture designed for easy transfer of the lotion to the whole body. It provides a soothing sensation and it's light texture seems to hydrate dry and tired skin all over the body as soon as it's applied. Overall the products work so well with the skin that they seem to be designed to combat the effects of the environment as well as being pleasurable to use in their texture and their presentation.