5 x Scentsational Candle Sets

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About The Product

The Scentsational Candle Company are dedicated to providing exceptional soy wax candles for all budgets to enjoy. We create a luxurious and decadent product without the price tag that often accompanies similar high end quality candles. We hand pour our candles ourselves in Sydney, Australia using natural soy wax and the very best in fragrance oils.

We have several products, such as oil burner melts, Reed Diffusers and our 'Elegance' range of soy wax filled jars. We have also recently added our very popular 'Wicks of Wood' range of jars.

We have a large range of fragrances to suit most tastes. If you’re a food lover you can’t go past our ‘Brown Sugar’ – it is ALMOST edible it is that good! If you’re more a floral lover then we have a few options, but a personal favourite of ours and a best seller is ‘Pink Peone’ – it is so pretty! With so many more to choose from it really is hard to have a firm favourite!

Visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheScentsationalCandleCompany and have just this week opened up our website at www.scentsationalcandlecompany.com.au

Product Reviews

Linda, Burleigh Heads QLD


Love, love , love these candles not only do they look stylish but smell amazing and last forever cant wait to get more

kristy, Byford WA


These candles are amazing, they are packaged beautifully almost to pretty to use. I received a set of 3 candles, in glass canisters with lids, 2 of the jars had a pretty black diamonte ribbon. around the base, they are gorgeous looking.

The fragrances of the candles were Lime & Basil, Melon & Fig & Bakehouse Delights. They smell beautiful when they are not lit, and when they are lit the fragrance is so lovely, not overpowering at all, and the scent lingers and they burn slowly.

My favourite would be the Bakehouse Delights, it smells of lollies, really delicious I really cant get enough. I would highly recommend these candles to anyone who wants a long lasting candle that smells amazing and looks beautiful. Very happy to be chosen to review such a beautiful products.

Samantha538, Euroa VIC


These Scentsational candles have been a huge hit in my home! The candles are beautifully presented in stylish and sturdy glass jars, meaning they're as much a valued addition to my home's decor as their scents are to its ambience.

The fragrances are divine and I'd be extremely hard pressed to declare a favourite. The Melon & Fig is a sweet, almost floral blend of tropical goodness, the Lime and Basil gives a divinely intense burst of freshness and the Bakehouse Delights (with its original and very funky wooden wick) made my entire house smell as though I'd been whipping up batches of cookies and cakes all day long.

I was especially impressed by the great 'throw' of these candles. Too many times I've been wooed by great looking and smelling candles only to find that, even after burning them for hours, you have to be standing right next to them to catch even the slightest whiff of their scent. Not so with Scentsational candles; my whole house was left smelling beautiful no matter where each individual candle was burning. The burn time was impressive, too; I kept no record of how many hours in total they've been burning, but it's a lot and they're still going strong!

I've never used oil burner melts before, but I was quite impressed with the two I received along with the candles. They melted quickly and retained their scent for a long time. The Coconut & Vanilla exuded a beautiful, balmy, tropical feel and the Baby Powder (which I thought sounded rather strange) turned out to give off a lovely, clean, freshly-washed-laundry fragrance.

I love the Scentsational range I was lucky enough to receive and will certainly be buying some more in the near future.

Frank143982, Charlestown NSW


Having received the Scentsational Candle Set 2 weeks ago I have lit them on a daily basis. I love the look and shape of the glass jars and that they could be reused as attractive airtight storage when the candles are finished. The candles smell exactly like their namesake, Brown Sugar, French Vanilla, Cookie Crumble, Fig & Melon and my personal favourite, Lime & Basil which is a truly addictive scent. Compared to other candles I have tried I find them more superior in both scent & look. The only very slight criticism I have is the black satin and diamonte sash at the base. For my own personal taste I thought they were a bit of over embellishment on an already attractive product.