5 x SBS’ Travelling Foodie DVD Packs

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About The Product

Think you know Mexican food? Think again! Renowned chef Peter Kuruvita embarks on a breathtaking journey of culinary discovery through the vibrant, mouth-watering world of Mexican cuisine in his latest series, MEXICAN FIESTA. His mission is to uncover the heart of Mexico’s food culture and let the passion of its people inspire his own take on some of their most prized dishes. As a bonus, we’re also including Peter’s previous DVDs, MY SRI LANKA and ISLAND FEAST.

And once you’ve absorbed all Mexico has to offer, why not pop over to DESTINATION FLAVOUR – JAPAN, where Adam Liaw takes us on a food lovers journey of discovery along the entire length of Japan – from its frozen north, through to the cherry-blossomed mainland, and down to the tropical sun-soaked southern islands.

Finally, we’re off on a culinary pilgrimage across Malta, Lebanon and Iran to explore Shane Delia’s heritage, discover Middle Eastern food traditions that date back thousands of years and then reinvent them for the 21st century in SHANE DELIA’S SPICE JOURNEY.

Product Reviews

sonia042, Albion Park Rail NSW


Loved the DVD's - very informative and well made. My daughter who loves everything Japanese loves the Japan DVD.
Thanks so much for a great product.

Elly29, Lockridge WA


Loved all of these DVDs! They have a variety of cuisines in easy to make recipes!