5 x Rider Cosmetic Sets

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About The Product

Rider. Cosmetics New Enhancement Skincare Collection

After years of perfecting a product range with world-leading cosmetic scientists, Rider. has proudly launched its breakthrough range of non-surgical cosmetics, designed to help women enhance their natural beauty assets.

Guaranteed to boost your confidence with a fuller, firmer and uplifted looking bust; the ground-breaking Rider. Breast Enhancer has already delivered amazing results across Australia. Women of all ages are beginning to see a noticeable lift and increase in their bust size after only a few weeks of use, turning their once unachievable desires into advantageous results.

With an easy application, of simply warming your fingertips by rubbing them together, then using a circular motion to apply the cream over the breast, the appearance of volume will be enhanced in just weeks.

The Rider. Instant Lip Plumper has a hidden secret...innovative filling spheres that draw moisture to the surface to naturally swell and fill fine lines around your mouth to give you the fuller, plumper lips you’ve always wanted. Experience the slight tingling as the scientifically proven active ingredients leave your lips feeling glossy, luscious and perfectly plumped.

Product Reviews

Michelle19, Templestowe Lower VIC


The cream is great. I am not sure about the enhancing but it feels soft and moisterurisd. The lip cream gives a tingle when I use it and I can notice a difference. Thanks, I will buy it again.

missblonde18, Berkeley Vale NSW


These products were easy to use and looked great! I was so impressed with the lip gloss - it completely works! I was skepital, as many glosses like this burnt my lips in the past and never seemed to work, but this does. The results are instant, and there's no pain whatsoever. I loved it, as it kept my lips plump and felt great. The breast cream was easy to apply, felt very moisturising and I believed it gave me a confidence boost - I feel really good using it.