5 x Procter and Gamble Household Care Gift Packs

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About The Product

Thanks to Ambi Pur and Fairy Platinum you can WIN! One of 5 x Procter and Gamble Household Care gift packs valued at $106.25.

The winner of each pack will also be introduced to a brand new selection of innovative products from Ambi Pur, created to delight the senses in your home and car by eliminating bad smelling odours and replacing them with a pleasantly light fragrance.

Four different scents from Ambi Pur’s Electrical Plug In range and Car Mini range will be available to try – so you can be sure your home and car will smell fresh no matter what unpleasant aromas travel through the doors.

The packs also come complete with a selection of homecare from Ambi Pur and dishcare from Fairy, both which will guarantee your home and car is left smelling and feeling fresh.

In the packs, you’ll be able to see for yourself how Fairy’s unrivalled Platinum Dishwashing Tablets produce a sparkling clean result for your dishwasher and your dishes and Ambi Pur’s Febreze, perfect for eliminating odours from fabric items that you can’t wash.

The Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Tablets retails at $20.99, Ambi Febreeze retails at $5.45, Ambi Pur Plug In retails $8.99 and the Ambi Pur Car Mini retails $5.99.

Product Reviews

Angela732, Alderley QLD


Love all the products. We tried everything the day the parcel arrived. We have a scent in every car and in every living area in the house. Can decide our favourite although lavender seems to be a hit. NZ springs voted the least favourite by all household members.

Antibacterial febreeze I would use every day if I could. It is great on my dining chair cushions. With 5 children and 2 dogs there are germs everywhere. Our lounges smell better than ever.

Fairy dishwashing tablets have been a favourite for a while. This is all we use and have converted quite a few family and friends. Once you have used these you will use nothing else.

This package was great to win and my family is loving swapping the scents and trying to determine our favourite.

Anita195, Aldinga Beach SA


I loved opening the Ambi Pur products and plugging them into my home, was plugging in ambience.
Offered different frgrances for the home and car.
Also I liked how I could use a dial for the home plug in Ambi Purs. from one to five, so it can release a subtle level, or stronger if I wished.
The car plug ins are small, but decieving because they are working through whole car, really well. My kids liked them!