5 x Pikapu Modern Cloth Nappies Sets

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About The Product

Welcome to the world of modern cloth nappies. No more folding terry squares, pins or plastic covers. Pikapu’s stylish modern cloth nappies was designed by mum for busy parents who would like to use cloth but who don’t want the hassle of a complicated snap in and out designs. The pikapu modern cloth nappies simple yet effective design makes it attractive for all members of the family to use.

With its All-in-one, size adjustable snaps the pikapu nappy will take bub from newborn right through to toilet training providing great dollar savings for the family. Its innovative design makes it easy to use, comfortable, reliable, stylish and suitable to wear day or night. Its quick drying capabilities also make it a great choice as its back on bubs bottom in no time.

Switch to pikapu and save. Pikapu, keeping it simple.


Product Reviews

Kate920, Salisbury Hghts SA


After being given the chance to try Pikapu cloth nappies i found them to of the highest quality cloth nappy i have ever used.I have three children so i have tried afew.they are designed well and keep baby dry and comfortable.great idea with the adjustible clips which you can adjust to fit baby perfectly.Easy to use they are great quality material which i might add wash very well.They also look great.Overall i would recommend this product to any new mum or mums that already have kids and use other nappies.

Caroline56, Noosaville QLD


Sick of the pick & choose?
Then try Pikapu for your modern cloth nappy of choice.
The quality of these nappies are just fantastic.
Easy to use, I wasn't sure about the ease of use of cloth or indeed MCN, but these are a standout. The sizing is easily adjustable for the growth of bub.
Great absorbency for heavy fills without the spills.
Easy to wash and great all 'round.
Best part is not only saving your hip pocket, but great for the environment. Just think disposables, although quick & easy will take forever to disintergrate & breakdown in landfill.