5 x Pikapu Cloth Nappy Sets

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About The Product

Welcome to the world of modern cloth nappies. No more folding terry squares, pins or plastic covers. Pikapu offers an All-in-one, size adjustable cloth nappy that fits from newborn to toddler. Its innovative design makes it easy to use, comfortable, reliable, stylish and suitable to wear day or night. With pikapu you only need one nappy to take baby right through to toilet training. No need to buy small, medium and large nappies and no more supermarket runs to stock up on disposables. Pikapu offers families great savings whilst helping the environment at the same time. Switch to pikapu and save up to $2400 per child. Pikapu, keeping it simple.


Product Reviews

Aleisha13, Maryborough VIC


Wow, I haven't used cloth nappies since my older son was little as he wet through them and they gave him nappy rash, but since using these cloth nappies my son has had his first nights in months that he hasn't wet through. I have tried many different sorts of disposable nappies on him and if they haven't given him nappy rash they leak over night and he wakes up soaked. I love the Pikapu nappies they are soft and so absorbent i cant believe how good they are. Would recommend these nappies to everyone that has a bub in nappies. And they are so much cheaper than disposables and work better anyway.