5 x Pharmacy Quality John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Sets

About The Product

John Plunkett Advanced Cosmeceuticals are formulated to restore and maintain younger and healthier looking skin. Formulations include the latest innovative ingredients from worldwide research supported by scientific trials, and used at the levels that have been proven to produce specific anti-ageing benefits.
Unique formulations offer visible results and real value for money without fancy packaging and advertising. Australian made for Australian skin, John Plunkett anti-ageing products are available from pharmacies.
Collagen Lift is a technically advanced treatment moisturiser that plumps and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, providing optimum hydration.  Matrixyl 3000 is used at clinically proven concentration to stimulate collagen production, reducing wrinkles by 45% in 2 months as well as repairing UV damage and photo-ageing while improving skin elasticity, density and tone.
Glyco Peel is a salon strength, night-time exfoliator with 25% glycolic in a buffered solution.  Laser-like resurfacing of the skin is achieved by exfoliating dull surface skin cells.  Fine lines and surface discolouration are reduced, and skin looks younger and refreshed.
Instant Primer is a silky, lightweight primer that instantly fills lines and pores, blurs imperfections and is a perfect base for makeup.  Translucent and colourless waterless formula is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Product Reviews

Holly6, Varsity Lakes QLD


I loved that the products were easy to use and I could apply them in the evening and they would work overnight. I have used the The Glyco Peel for 3 weeks now with a weeks break in between each. The Glyco peel is a thin gel that spreads easily over the skin. A little goes quite along way and when you put it on you feel a slight tingle. I would say my skin is sensitive but I had no problem with the Glyco peel. Once the Glyco peel has dried it is time to apply the collagen lift which is creamy and quite luxurious, and again a little goes quite a long way. My skin feels softer, fresher and looks brighter than previously. I was hoping the products would reduce my age spots but I haven't noticed this as yet, perhaps given more time I will see a result in this. Overall, this is a wonderful range of products that are perfect for pampering yourself at home . And at just $109.85 for the package it will give you many weeks of use.

Kerrie81, Shepparton VIC


I was super excited to use this after all the reviews I have seen. It definately lives up to my expectation. It is lovely to use...as it isn't too thick , Absorbing into skin very well.
I have developed an all over clearer complection and my favourite thing it has softened the lines/wrinkles on my forehead that they are actually nowhere near as noticeable .
I have now bought more .

Michelle , Salisbury SA


I love these products! I have been using them for a bit over 3 weeks and have noticed some changes - particularly the significant fading of my skin discolouration. I did have a slight reaction to the peel when I applied it a bit too close to my eye as the next day it was quite swollen. It turns out my skin is a bit more sensitive than I thought so I only use the peel every second night. Be warned you might experience a slight tingling on application. Nothing extreme and it soon goes away.

I love the moisturiser. It goes a long way but makes my skin feel moist for most of the day. A feat in itself for 48 year old skin. Also a bonus is I think there has been a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes.

All in all I would recommend these products to my friends

Josie70, Largs North SA


I liked both the feel and the smell of these products. Did I see visible results? Not sure, but it definitely didn't do any harm. I will consider buying this product in the future.