5 x Perth Miss Muddy Double Passes

About The Product

Miss Muddy in an all-female 4-6km obstacle based active event that includes foam, colour, mud and lots and lots of fun!

The event is untimed so ladies are encouraged to complete the course at their own pace in an arena free from judgement, and if an obstacle feels too challenging they are free to go around, no penalties will apply.

Ladies can register as an individual, or they can create a team, so why not get your girls together for a day of muddy fun?

Product Reviews

Elisha55, Bertram WA


I attended the Miss Muddy Perth with my sister in-law. This is the first mud run event I have done and it won't be the last, it really was so so much fun. The event was really well organised and laid out by lots of workers and volunteers. The pink theme all around the course was so fun and the course had options for different levels of fitness and abilities.
Definitely recommend this event to anyone thinking about doing it and are not sure.

Kashya3, Winthrop WA


Miss muddy Perth was a fun day spent with a good friend of mine with lots of laughs. I feel no prior physical activity level was required and it was slow moving in terms of having to wait to do the actual obsticals of the course! The music stations weren't consistent throughout the course so it was silent for a fair part of the course. Apart from these issues I discovered, I had a great time and found it a fun social event.