5 x Perfume Connection Fragrance Sets

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About The Product

The Perfume Connection is a well-established brand in the Australian retail market, known for sourcing prestigious fragrances and having specially trained fragrance specialists. With 70 stores across Australia, The Perfume Connection is focused on providing customers a wide range of genuine fragrances at value orientated prices and in exciting retail environments.

Unlike a department store where a customer is introduced to a fragrance by brand as opposed to their needs, The Perfume Connection’s consultants recommend a wide variety of fragrances from around the world to customers based on their preferences and requirements.

The Perfume Connection’s ‘Perfumologist,’ Sarah Heska travels the globe analysing global fragrance trends.

“A fragrance can make a lasting impression on those that you interact with and should represent your personality. If you are selecting a fragrance for yourself, take the time to try the fragrance on your skin and let it settle for several hours, then you will know if it is the one for you,” Heska advises.

“If you are buying fragrance as a gift, consider the personality of the person you are buying for. Seeking the advice and guidance of a fragrance consultant is the best way to determine those fragrances that will match the personality of the recipient of your gift. You can also select a fragrance in the same family as that of the fragrance you currently use, the notes are usually similar and will most likely be enjoyed also,” Heska continues.

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Product Reviews

Aisha7, Barrack Heights NSW


I really liked the ladies perfume as i think its something a bit different from alot of the popular brands and i think ladies of all ages would also like this perfume .
The mens perfume is also has a nice smell to it and my husband likes it enough to actually wear perfume.
Both are long lasting and you dont have to keep putting it on which ecconomically is a benefit