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About The Product

Looking to shake-up your daily health regime, enhance your nutrition and boost your energy levels the natural way? Then why not try Passion Projects, a NEW Aussie made health brand dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals thanks to its inspiring new Superfood range.

Providing the best daily formulas to drink yourself healthy, Passion Projects' new Superfood powder range not only tastes great, but is packed with a string of vitamins, nutrients and calorie efficient freeze-dried organic fruit, land and sea vegetables - designed to offer a range of health benefits. Some of these ingredients are known to assist tired muscles, enhance brain and nerve function, encourage healthy digestion (through detox), relieve inflammation and through the wonders of anti-oxidants - maintain beautifully glowing and radiant skin.

The range is available in four delicious flavours; Complex Green, Triple Green, Complex Berry and Acai Berry. Whilst deliciously satisfying in water, the Passion Projects Superfood Powder range can also be blended into milk based smoothies and fresh juices, as well as sprinkled on yoghurt and muesli for an extra health kick.

For more information about Passion Projects, please visit: www.passionprojects.com.au


Product Reviews

jennifer, Adelaide SA


found the taste to be very nice will continue to use very healthy

Catherine2, Margate QLD


I have tried the Complex Green, Triple Green and Complex Berry. I find the Complex Berry delicious and happily eat it on cereal, yoghurt, muesli and in drinks. The other two I find I need to add to a smoothie to enjoy. I find the taste and colour off-putting if they are not mixed in a smoothie. On muesli and cereal they overwhelm the taste of the food instead of enhancing it.

Given the list of ingredients I would expect to see health benefits the longer I use them but I haven't taken enough of them to really tell. I have only taken them once a day and mixed them around. I would be interested to try the new Acai Berry powder.