5 x OVViO Organics Tea Packs

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About The Product

Tea is our specialty at OVViO. We live it, inhale it, revere and adore it! And our standards are lofty. We hand-blend and formulate our teas in-house using the most incredible, vibrant organic herbs from around the world to ensure every sip is sacred.

And to you we present our Tea Connoisseur Gift Box! Within, five signature OVViO Organics Tea’s to delight and inspire. Choose your own selection or let us decide on your behalf – easy!

We would never give a gift that is harmful to health – that’s why OVViO Organics products are 100% certified organic and free from artificial flavours & fragrances. They’re pure, earthy & unadulterated with buds, seeds, leaves, flowers, fruits, pods, bark & twigs – the way nature intended. Formulated by Naturopath & Herbalist Anthia Koullouros, you can taste, smell and feel the difference.

Our lucky LifestyleYOU reviewers will receive:

Pure English Breakfast - A full bodied, black tea made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. This pure, premium tea offers a traditional, robust flavour.

Chamomile Peace - A floral blend of chamomile & fragrant lavender flowers to add serenity to your day. Drink hot or warm.

Minty Fresh - A refreshingly sweet mint blend of peppermint & licorice to freshen the palette & enliven the senses.

Paddington Lemon - Named after its place of origin, OVViO’s most popular tea is a blend of Australian lemon myrtle, lemongrass & licorice.

Love Blush - A floral green tea fusion of jasmine, rose, lavender, chamomile, elder & hibiscus inspires the feeling of first love adding a blush to the cheeks.

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Product Reviews

Gwen, Lockleys SA


I love these Teas.
English Breakfast tea....best served in a pot. First taste was "Wow, this is how tea used to taste!" Just wonderful!
I wasn't sure if I would like the Minty Fresh or the Paddington Lemon as I thought the licorice would be overpowering, but both are delicious, and the licorice is very subtle with just a hint of sweetness.I made both as Iced tea, (with slices of lemon in the Paddington Lemon, and a sprig of mint in the Minty Fresh)as well as hot. Loved them both ways.
Chamomile Peace and Love Blush are the perfect "before bedtime" drinks.
Overall, a beautiful product, and I can't wait to try the rest of the range.

Sarah191, Mount Louisa QLD


ovvioo teas are fantastic i really loved everything about these teas i have tried many different brands and have struggled to find any that compare to another company that i buy. my favourites in this collection were the minty fresh which gives you that sweet taste with the licorice and the freshness of the mint i love to have a cup of this instead of grabing for something sweet.my other favourites were the paddington lemon and the english breakfast.overall all the blends were beautiful. i loved the way the teas were packaged in the beautiful gift box and think any lady out there would be extremly happy to receive a collection of these teas.