5 x Oricom Secure610 Baby Monitors

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About The Product

With a galaxy of options the Oricom Secure610 baby monitor projects soothing ‘starry night’ images onto baby’s ceiling. It also has a soft comforting night light, nineteen soothing melodies and a room temperature sensor. Like all Oricom baby monitors it uses clear, crisp, secure, interference free DECT technology, allowing you to hear and talk to baby from anywhere in the home. The Secure610 comes with a 3 year warranty and many other Oricom ideas designed to give you peace of mind while baby sleeps soundly. Oricom is Australia’s baby monitor specialist. The Secure610 retails for $199.00 through premium baby stores. For more details and to find out about Oricom’s complete new range of baby monitors and infant respiratory monitors visit: www.oricom.com.au or call: 1300 889 785. The Secure610 baby monitor from Oricom.Oricom…. connecting you now.

Product Reviews

jodi, Budgewoi NSW


I received the Oricom secure700 baby monitor and am very happy with it. It was really easy to setup unlike other monitors I have used in the past. The best feature for me was being able to see my baby because she tends to pull the blankets over her face and it worries me and this way I can always see her wherever I am. I also love that it tells the temperature of the room as bubs room tends to be quite hot during the day, I can tell already that her room is 26degrees whereas the rest of the house is only 23degrees. I love that I can also talk to her through the monitor so when she gets a bit older and seems unsettled I can sing to her without her looking at me and getting distracted while trying to sleep. The sound is really clear and there is no static (unlike my old monitor). Overall this product suits all of my needs and I would recommend it to everyone with babies of all ages.

lynndi_lou, Brisbane QLD


I received a SC700 so this is a review for the SC700
In short a great product , no more jumping up and down all night and bub and I both get the sleep we deserve.A essential for any parent .
From a family that has previously had a Sudden infant death baby, I wish to say how great the Oricom Secure 700 baby monitor is. The Oricom SC700 has a large 2.4" Colour LCD screen, with infrared night vision capability,which means I don't have to sneak the door open to view bub. It is so clear I can see bub breathing and even hear every noise bub make. It has a long range with out of range warning (up to 150 metres), crystal clear sound, with no interference and the hand led receiver has a stand or a clip on its back , so I can go to the mail box or hang clothes and still see bub. It aslo has a 2-way communication so instead of opening the door , I can reassure bub without fully waking up bub.If used from birth bub wouldn't expect you to be opening the door, but if new to bub it may take a few nights. It also has a temperature monitoring which to me is so important as overheating is a risk factor for SIDS.
other features , night light, light sensor Lullaby selector, Intercom. As bub grow and moves to his or her bed it can be used to make sure they dont sneak out of bed or when older tots are ill or a minder when child is in a play pen and you have to move away to another room. I can see many uses for this as your child grows , so it is a good investment for years to come.

Kimberley64, Baringa QLD


Better than expected. this product is wonderful and would recommend it to everyone.