5 x Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide toothbrushes valued at $199.95 each

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About The Product

With your smile being one of the first traits people notice, it’s important to take care of your teeth. A recent survey by Oral-B found that Australians who have a healthy, white smile are perceived as being up to 14 years younger and earning $10,000 more! Oral-B makes taking care of your smile easy with its state-of-the-art power toothbrush, the Triumph with SmartGuide. Its oscillating-rotating technology has been clinically proven to remove twice as much plaque than a manual brush[2] and the brushing modes for whitening will help to remove surface stains. It’s like having a dental professional in your bathroom!

Now is the time to make the switch from manual to power and feel the difference. With 5 Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide toothbrushes up for grabs (valued at $199.99 each), your pearly whites will be in healthy condition in no time! We’ll also send you some plaque disclosure tablets to monitor the results over a month.

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Product Reviews

chrismul, Picnic Point NSW


Welcome to the Rolls Royce of Tooth Brushes!
The most important attribute of the Oral-B Triumph is that it takes the guess work out of caring for my Teeth. I have always been far too heavy handed whilst brushing my Teeth leading to bleeding gums and a general discomfort in my mouth. This was also exacerbated by brushing for far too long doing damage unnecessarily to the enamel on my teeth! The long term benefits should lead to less time in the dreaded dentist chair and therefore some much needed extra cash in my Pocket. In my experience with this superior product it has left me with a clean and comfortable feeling in my mouth resulting in me being hooked for Life!

Greg94, Cheltenham East VIC


I got the whole family involved in this trial & it was a lot of fun to use the discloing tablets to 'see' the plaque areas still on our teeth after brushing with a manual toothbrush. No matter how much we brushed with a manual toothbrush there was always some plaque let.

Do the same exercise with the SmartGuide toothbrush, and following the instructions, we were all staggered at the difference. With even a casual brush most of the plaque was gone, and with a small amount og effort there was no residue of plaque at all.

The brush took a bit of getting used to at first as the brushing sensation was very strong. Once we became acustomed to the brushing the process was simple and effective. Even brushing in the cavities between the teeth, normally only accessible with dental floss, was brushed.

Being coffee drinkers we all really appreciated the polishing part of the brush which also made the whitening toothpaste we use much more effective.

Oral-B have won this family over and we have gone out to purchase more heads so everyone can use it.

Terri25, Marmion WA


excellent although a little sore in the gums to begin with.

Cleaning is half the time with twice the results.

My teeth are much cleaner and shinier although It is taking a little longer to get used to the brush than I expected.