About The Product

The Cook's Grocer is all about helping you to cook better meals at home by providing you with seasonal, healthy and delicious recipes that are quick to prepare with no wasted ingredients.
The Cook's Grocer hand pack the finest quality ingredients, measured to exact portions with easy to follow recipes and deliver these to your door, ready to cook.
We partner with a range of talented cooks, nutritionists, chefs, and foodie friends to develop recipes to inspire you with new flavours and dishes without the fuss of planning and shopping.
Our meats are free range, locally sourced, hormone and chemical free. Our seafood is all Australian and supplied fresh by DeCosti Seafood. Our vegetables are hand picked by our providore each morning at the markets. All the other ingredients are sourced through specialty purveyors to bring you the best.
We have a retail store in Rozelle and an online home delivery service that delivers to homes and offices across Sydney for your convenience.
We would like to offer five LifeStyle FOOD Channel viewers a chance to WIN a week of dinners courtesy of The Cooks Grocer.
The prize includes:

  • 4 Dinners for 2 people (Valued at $100 RRP) x 5
  • Delivery of the prize to the winners home or office
  • Winner can choose from 12 seasonal recipes on our menu

Product Reviews

Rosemary208917, Forest Lodge NSW


For a working person who likes good food, these are great product for weekday meals. Everything (except olive oil, butter and S&P) is provided for each individually packaged meal kit. The serves are generous without being excessive. Meals are modern Oz style, with lots of different cuisines. We tried asian baked salmon, moussaka, chicken tagine and southern BBQ'd beef. The vege accompaniments were flavourful and a bit different. The meat quality was excellent, the provided veges were all top quality (like they were hand chosen, not just grabbed out of a box) and the fresh herbs extras were good quantities to bring the recipes to life. I liked that the kits were not bulked up with carbs (the only carb we received was the couscous that accompanied the tagine), unlike other meal kits I've tried.
I was interested by my husband's reaction. He appreciates good food, but considers we should eat economically most of the time. While these kits cost twice what we normally would spend on a meal, each night he commented on what good value they were.

Jodie117, North Manly NSW


I love cooking healthy tasty dinners with fresh ingredients for my family, which as a working mum can be a challenge, but The Cook's Grocer made it quick and easy. I received a pack containing the recipe, the right amount of all the ingredients and all I had to do was the part I enjoy - cooking. I was very impressed with the quality of the ingredients, how healthy but tasty the recipes were and the portion sizes - we had enough for 2 adults for dinner and leftovers for 1 lunch the next day.