5 x Ocean Spray Cocktail Making Kits

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About The Product

The colder weather is the perfect excuse for a spot of indoor entertaining.

Thanks to Ocean Spray®, this cocktail kit is all you will need to become the true master of mixology!

Impress your friends and family with delicious handcrafted cocktails and enjoy the unique sate and versatility of cranberries.

This fabulous cocktail kit contains; 4 Martini glasses, 4 Highball tumblers, a cocktail shaker, bar spoon, hawthorne strainer and jigger, along with Ocean Spray® Cranberry Classic™ Juice Drink and Cranberry Light Juice Drink.

Product Reviews

Deborah471, Kew NSW


I have purchased cranberry juice is the past but not this brand I must say it is far superior to what I have tried both the light and normal juice is delicious, I couldn't tell the difference between the juices though I did read on the label the light juice has a lot less sugar, but to me tasted as sweet as the normal juice and didn't have an artificial taste like some light juices have, I did an online search for cocktails and was quite surprised at the number of cocktails that could be made from cranberry juice so printed out a few invited the neighbours over for a taste/drink test using both the light and normal juice we created 3 cocktails
Frozen cranberry margarita - which apart from the juice had tequila lime juice and crushed ice
Madras - cranberry juice orange juice vodka and crushed ice this was my favourite
Cotton Candy - cranberry juice apple juice and crushed ice this was for the kids but they had eaten the cotton candy they still enjoyed though
Over all the results from the cocktails were great and everyone was suprised at how good the ocean spray cranberry juice was not just in cocktails but on its own
The craisins I have been enjoying on my cereal and also I have used in a smoothie they are delicious and also make a great snack
I give all these products 10 out of 10
have purchased more juice both the light and normal and I know my neighbours have purchased as well
Thanks for selecting me the shaker and glasses came in very handy for mixing the cocktails
Have tried to click the review button to give these products 5 stars but not working so be assured I give a five star rating thanks

Ruby69, BruNSWick East VIC


Great products, I especially love using the light cranberry juice to make cocktails as it's a nice low calorie alternative without compromising on flavour. I love using the glasses when my friends come around! A real cocktail party!

jgmennilli1, Coorparoo QLD


I love it, the glasses are great and the juice is really nice.

Kym1805, Bundaberg QLD


we had a great night trying out the fabulous cocktail kit, was perfect for making our cocktails using various recipes. however, the Cranberry Juice was a little bitter for some, but a couple of drinkers really enjoyed the taste included in their cocktails. The Cocktail Shaker, bar spoon, hawthorne strainer and jigger are of excellent quality and will be used again at our next Cocktail Night. Thank you for the opportunity of trying this wonderful product.