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About The Product

Boost your energy levels and nutritional intake with the wholesome goodness of Nutra Organics range of wild-harvested, organic superfood products for the whole family.

Our lifestyles are busy, stressful and more complex than ever. We are busy juggling so many hats, and don't always have the time we would like to prepare healthy meals, deal with a fussy eater, allergies or have the pantry stocked with fresh, organic produce.

Nutra Organics and Superfoods for Kidz products empower women and their families, by allowing a potent burst of antioxidants, alkalising ingredients and readily absorbable wholefood vitamins and minerals their bodies need on a daily basis to maintain optimal health.

We worked really hard to make our product range easy to incorporate into your daily menu, taste great, maintain the integrity and nutritional contents by not adding anything artificial or damaging the cell walls of the foods when producing them. Just one teaspoon of our Vital Veggie Power is equivalent to 50g of fresh veggies including alkalising greens!. Our products are also FREE of gluten, dairy, soy, corn, refined sugar and GMO’s.

Nutra Organics provide your family with nutrition today for a healthy tomorrow

For Further information please go to www.nutraorganics.com.au or www.superfoodsforkidz.com.au

Product Reviews

maria168375, Gowanbrae VIC


These products are perfect for my family, my two boys and husband are very fussy and I struggle to feed them fruit and vegies. My mind is at ease knowing that they are getting the vitamins now, easy to use and the super food bars are perfect for a school snack and I don't need to worry about nut allergies.