5 x Nukotoys™ Toys Sets

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About The Product

Australian Geographic presents the hottest toy to hit our shores this year. Featuring exotic animals and mythological monsters, Silicon Valley’s very own Nukotoys™ magical collectable trading cards, captivate a child’s imagination as creatures miraculously come to life on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, when the Nukotoys™ cards are tapped to the screen.

In an era where iPod Touch was last year’s most requested Christmas toy; the revolutionary new app and collectable card games (valued at $6.95 for a pack of seven), Animal Planet: WildLands and Monsterology, marry the charm of old world collectable trading cards, with breakthrough touch screen technology. The products offer an unprecedented gaming and learning experience for children, that is fun first and educational second.

Download the Nuko Animal Planet: Wildlands app for free and run wild with the 60 cards of exotic animals across three rarity levels. The game lets kids ages 4+ collect, learn and interact with exotic animals and explore Safari Lands. 8+ tweens, teens and the adult gaming fraternity can unleash monsters with up to 100 Nuko Monsterology cards, based on the bestselling Ology book series.

Product Reviews

damoncron, San Remo NSW


Great interactive card game for the kids. When you tap these cards to the screen, it takes you to that particular animal, so it's great for kids that are into animals.