5 x New Holland Mother's Day Book Packs

About The Product

This collection of books is the perfect gift for mum in the lead up to Mother’s Day.

From teenage model to TV star and working mum now for the first time, Nicky Buckley is releasing her memoir, offering a behind the scenes look into her life under the spotlight. Nicky, touches on family values, managing parenthood in the public eye and more.

Embrace by Taryn Brumfitt offers a warm, frank and funny account, of Brumfitt’s journey from self-loathing, to being a freethinking exponent on the value and power of a positive body image.

World renowned special events producer Cheryl Cecchetto is behind Hollywood’s most prestigious events including the official parties for the Academy Awards® and the Emmys®. In her new inspirational and fascinating autobiography, Passion to Create, Cheryl shares her tips, favorite recipes, secrets, and behind-the-scenes gossip.

Product Reviews

Annette4, Maudsland QLD


Reading about Nicky's life is a great reminder that no matter what Family is important. It just shows that the fame and attention is not all life is about. A great gift idea for your family and friends. An interesting read from an inspiring women.

Embrace is a book I could relate to and the body changes after childbirth, it has made me feel better about myself to see that perfect comes is many shapes and sizes depending on your way of thinking. Being happy with who and what you are is an important message to all women.

Passion To Create is a Coffee table book that you will look through many times, what an amazing life Cheryl has had. I just love looking at all the photos and I will be trying some of her recipes. Would be a perfect gift for anyone interested in the glitzy Hollywood lifestyle or for those wanting to get into events and planning.