5 x Never Drill Again Bathroom Shelving Systems

About The Product

When it comes time to fit the bathroom accessories, the installer will take out their drill and start the arduous task of attempting to drill through your precious tiles.

You don't want cracked tiles, risk hitting plumbing behind the wall, broken drill bits or most importantly; your bathroom accessories falling off the wall.  That's why instead of drilling, we introduce the patented Never Drill Again system.

A Never Drill Again soap dish adapter can withstand 1280N of force, and hold weights of up to 130kg.  That is a HEAVY bar of soap (Or roughly 760 bars of regular soap).

Product Reviews

Gaye2, Erina NSW


I'm quite impressed,I admit to being a bit nervous at first if it would fall & break some tiles but it is really secure.
Looks modern & sleek,I think I will purchase one for my laundry.
Instructions how to install where quite comprehensive with diagrams as well.
I must admit to getting a bit confused but got there in the end.

Rebecca2770, Redfern NSW


I installed the Never Drill Basket in my bathroom above bath. Easy enough to install following the picture instructions included in the box. I needed to use alcohol wipes to clean the area before attachment to remove cleaning products left of titles. The whole process took about 5 minutes and was super easy. I have been using the basket to hold my ipad so i can watch tv in the bath - the basket efficiently holds the ipad.

Alex393, Hornsby NSW


I do love the concept of this never drill again soap dish or other related products. It's easy to install without leaving mess in the bathroom. However, the soap dish I received has a defect. One of the two holes is coarse and I had to insert the screw by screwing it. Another hole is fine, just insert the screw straight away. Also the glue tube is too small, which made the glue on my fingers easily, luckily the sender gave me two spare alcohol wipes to clean up them right away. For the first round supporting base, the glue went through it well, but when I pressed the glue into the hole on the second base, the glue came out and couldn't go through well. Maybe because the glue tube is too small to fill up the hole properly. I install it on the tiles and can't see what's going on at the back of the base. But I think it's no problem to hold a soap or a shampoo bottle.

Samantha , Narellan Vale NSW


Very easy to install and highly durable. Have used to hold several products at once and has not moved from original position. Highly recommend this easy to use product