5 x Natvia Sugar Free Baking and Cooking Packs

About The Product

Go Sugar Free Naturally with Natvia

Discover a healthier new you with your exclusive Natvia sugar free baking and cooking pack. Natvia is a 100% natural sweetener made with an expert blend of Stevia and Erythritol, a nectar found naturally in melons and grapes. Natvia delivers on taste whilst containing approximately 97% fewer calories than sugar. Natvia is the perfect alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Perfect for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, diabetics or for those who are wanting to manage their weight. Visit www.natvia.com.au for sugar free recipe ideas. Your kit contains Natvia's new edition to their baking products - the world's first sugar free icing mix!

Product Reviews

Brighley2, Elanora QLD


Natvia to me was a lovely product, it gives a different taste and fantastic to bake with! I made a homemade chocolate cake with Natvia and it was delicious.
My grandmother suggested she stayed with normal sugar for her coffees though

Celia31, Footscray VIC


I was so excited when the package of Natvia 100% natural sweetener arrived. I've been baking all week for family and work friends and it's so easy! My body is already thanking me for reducing the sugar in my life. All it took was a little bit of reading to begin with about how to use the product as it's a little different than adding normal sugar to recipes. Great product with great health benefits.

Lara77, Bellbowrie QLD


We had so much fun baking and trying a new product.
I got the kids involed as you don't need to change your favorite recipes to accommodate the natvia so it makes it just that much easier.
We found that some of the things we cooked had a different flavor and wasn't very well recived and then there were others that they gobbled up quick smart .
So all in all very mixed reviews in our house hold but so happy we got the lucky chance to give it a go and try something new.