5 x Nad's Hair Removal Gift Sets

About The Product

Leading hair removal brand Nad’s has a range of award winning products designed to  leave your skin smooth and hair free.  Whether it’s bikini, brazilian, underarm or facial hair, Nad’s products can help you achieve fast and effective results from the comfort of your home.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars on trips to the beautician,  waxing is made quick and easy with Nad’s.  


Product Reviews

Kyriacos , Glen Waverley VIC


I tried all the products and was very pleased with the results. Easy to use and the results were excellent. As good as any Professional Salon result.
I highly recommend The Nads Products.

motherchook90, Cloverdale WA


Nad's products are fantastic! I highly recommend them to any, both males and females. I really enjoyed using the Nad's Body wax strips as they where really easy and simple to use minus any mess however the hot wax was really easy to use and better yet worked great on males hair. The ingrow hair solution was really refreshing and stopped any irritation from the waxing which worked well for myself who has sensitive skin.

Nad's nose hair wax was really easy and not as painful as you may think, it was quick and simple which made it perfect to use day or night, same goes with the eyebrow wax shaper. I highly recommend Nad's and there various products. The cater to everyone's needs!

pips, Trundle NSW


I had no idea Nad's Hair Removal had so many products..I found the Hot wax very good with a nice scent also and does the job.The Bikini wax works very well with different shapes you can use I chose a Lighting Bolt, it was so funny me doing it I was in stitches ( not the same as going to Salon) but I got the job done. The eyebrow wax is great leaves your brows smooth and nice .
My legs are smooth after using the Nad's Wax even the strips have a plesant scent or no scent which I liked The Nose Wax does work I tried that one on someone else and no hair left. Also I did my under arms and the strips has left then smooth and lovely .
I think Nad's Hair Removal excellent and could find no fault with any of the products..
The only thing I will add is read and follow the directions plus make sure you are in the correct position to do the Bikini area less time and laughter at yourself that way.

pips, Trundle NSW


Firstly I did not know Nad's Hair Removal had so many different products to use on certain areas of the body...I found that to be a big help to me
I found them all easy to use ( must read and follow directions before you begin ) even the Nad's Nose Wax. The warm wax was great with a lovely scent which I was not expecting even though it did say it had a nice scent.
Using the Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper was excellent and much easier then the tweezers.
And with the Nad's Brazilian & Bikini wax I was in fits of laughter as it comes with different shapes you can use so you can be different from the usual Brazilian which I must say was fun I ended up with the Lightening Shape it did take awhile as that was new to me & I could not decide the best way to procede but got there in the end after much laughing at myself and if I do say so myself it ended up pretty good. ( I normally get it done at the shop. )
The Nad's Body wax Strips was easy so was the Nad's Facial Wax Strips .
Nad's Ingrow Solution cleared up a small area under my left arm which I must say is alot more comfortable for me now, had I known about it before it would have saved alot of discomfort which the heat didn't help.
On the whole I think Nad's Wax is great. I GIVE IT 5 STARS


Jackie340, Singleton WA


I was pleasantly surprised at the nose hair wax.. HONESTLY, I expected it to be painful, but it was super easy and fast, and didn't hurt at all which was great!!
The eyebrow wax I found easy to use but I did have to go over it 3-4 times to actually get all the hairs, which was annoying, but it was relatively painless to use, and the precision tip DID make it easy to get right up to the shape you want.
Overall, I definately was impressed with this package, and I would recommend most of these products!!