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About The Product

We are My Hairdresser and our mission is simple: to create incredible Home Hair Colour Products crafted from high quality ingredients, that are simple to use and easily available for fabulous Hair at Home.

Our range includes Permanent Hair Colour, Permanent Hair Colour Remover, Developer and Support products, that are backed by our online help guides and Blog: hairbymyhd to keep you informed and inspired.

We aren’t a one box fits all kind of company. Our range is about you. We give you the power to choose the Products you want and need, exactly like a hairdresser, just at home!


Product Reviews

Rachel152, Curra QLD


I've been dying my hair for over 20yrs, both myself at home and at different hair salons. For the last 5 yrs I have found that i have a reaction to a lot of the do it yourself hair colours and even the hair salon products. So I was very sceptical that I would find a hair colour that didn't give me a bad reaction. I ordered my products and found the advice that " My Hairdresser Online" had to assist me in selecting the right colour to cover my greys. I ordered my hair colour on the Tuesday and was very surprised to have it arrive in Thursday's post. I coloured my hair to the directions and was so delighted with the colour and WOW no bad reaction. I am so happy and impressed that I will now be ordering from them all time from now on. Price was great,speedy delivery was fantastic and they followed up with me via email as to make sure I was satisfied with the purchase and products. Very Very Happy.

Jasmine576, Ermington NSW


I found this product to be easy to use and it gave me great colour. Salon finish right at home. I will definitely be using this product in the future