5 x My Food Bag Meal Deliveries

About The Product

At My Food Bag we are passionate about helping all Australians cook fresh, healthy and tasty food.
Each week our team of skilled chefs, recipe developers, dietitians and test cooks  as led by Miguel Maestre create simple, healthy and delicious recipes for you and your loved ones to cook and enjoy.
We want to positively change the way we all cook and eat, as well as the way we feel and live.
We remove the stress from weekly meals by planning the week’s dinners, writing the recipes, doing the shopping and delivering it all to your door each week, saving you time and money so all you have to do it cook the food and take all the glory!
My Food Bag is committed to supporting Australian producers and sourcing the best locally grown, sustainable and free range ingredients. 
You’ll seriously love dinner time again.


Only reviewers who live in a designated delivery area are able to enter to review this product - delivery area's available at: www.myfoodbag.com.au/my-food-bags/classic

Product Reviews

Kristy519, Wentworth Falls NSW


I was so very pleased with my Food Bag experience, not only do they deliver way out North-west of Sydney, but the food was fresh and the recipes were easy to follow but certainly not lacking in flavour. I'm definitely a convert to the idea of having high-quality food home delivered. I couldn't get over the freshness and quality of the ingredients, which included Fresh Barramundi with a well-known Celebrity Chef's recipe, and organic Chicken Thighs. The recipe's were laid out with what specific ingredients provided were needed and listed if certain ingredients needed to be shared in other meals. Existing condiments in the cupboard at home were sometimes required such as oil, salt and pepper. I would definitely recommend this food service to anyone and everyone, although it is not a peel the lid and microwave venture, those who appreciate their health, convenience of a menu plan, intermediate meal preparation, and enjoy variety and flavour, this service is for you!

Anne727, Ashwod VIC


What an amazing experience! Two very large bags full of food were left at my door exactly as promised. It took the stress out of my week as I didn't have to think about what to prepare for my family. I also did not have to go out shopping for the ingredients.
Beautiful fresh produce was included in my order with recipe cards that had very easy to follow steps for preparing gourmet meals. No meal took longer than 30 minutes to prepare and my family was impressed!
The meals that I prepared were:
Beef and vegetable san choy bow, Stir-fry pork, lentils and kale with tahini yoghurt and Miguel's melon con jamon. Every meal was delicious as well as being very healthy.
This is a wonderful solution to making dinners easy and fun.

Andrea547, Baulkham Hills NSW


Outstanding service. I loved that everything is delivered (except for some very minor pantry items) so saves time planning and shopping and no wastage. Food was of a high quality. Very impressed with the whole experience.

Sonia14, Engadine NSW


I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the produce when it was delivered, I'm generally very particular about the food that we by:so on first blush....great. Now my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes and he is now on a "low carb high fat" regime, couple this with the fact that he's the fussiest man I know - the challenge is on. We made the Barramundi / with tomatoes first, and then the tandoori chicken. From his point of view he was totally taken with the food he raved about it.... he also meticulously monitored his "levels" over a couple days and was delighted. The irony here is that he's a meat eater ...beef,fish,lamb chicken...you name and the funny thing was he raved about the tomato salad that accompanied the barra....in fact he made me make it again just to have on its own! The only criticism that I have, and it's a minor own, is that it may be a little pricey for some households, particularly in this economy. But this in many peoples mind would be offset by the fact of the quality and,realistically, what price on health...because I'm sure that if you can afford this quality of food all the time the benefits would certainly be evident. For me we will be indulging again, without a doubt really top notch produce and if you follow the recipes guaranteed results

ddancer, Pagewood NSW


I received an SMS telling me when to expect my delivery. I thought that was fantastic, so I didn't need to wait around the house all day.
The food was delivered, for 3 meals. Also delivered were the recipes & a handy recipe folder, so if you continued, all recipes could be placed in the one file. We received the following recipes:
1. crispy skin barramundi with tomato salad
2. tandoori roast chicken with carrots, spiced potatoes & peas
3. spinach & feta filo pie
There were a couple of small pantry or fridge items that were not included in the pack, that are needed for the recipes, but they write that on the recipe.

I made all 3 meals. One gripe & it’s not just with this company, is that the prep time stated on a recipe is usually less than real time. So I have to say, that the prep time is not correct.

The ingredients themselves were fresh & great quality, and the meals were all delicious.