5 x Manlaw 5 in 1 Grill Toppers

About The Product

Here's a great new BBQ gadget from Manlaw - the 5 in One Grill Topper! Whether it’s cylinders to roast your jalapeños, the grilling rack for homemade kebabs, or the smoking tray to infuse your meat, the 5 in One has it all.

This multi-faceted piece of equipment screams functionality and allows you to grill, roast or smoke like a pro, all in the convenience of one unit. The 5 in One is perfect for both the BBQ novice and the seasoned veteran and turns any grill into a clean work surface.

Perfect for cooking any type of meat, the Grill Topper can be used for anything from making the ever-popular Beer Can Chicken to smoking a fillet of the finest Atlantic salmon. If you’re of the old school and only believe in red meat on the BBQ, the option to char grill over an open flame is one not to be overlooked.

For more information on the 5 in one BBQ Grill Topper visit the Manlaw website

Product Reviews

poppyjohn, Cardiff South NSW


A great BBQ addition now i'm the best Kabab and Koffter maker thanks for letting try it and the jalapeano cooker works wonders