5 x Mae Fabric Wall Decal Sets

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About The Product

Mae is an Australian company that supplies gorgeous homewares and children’s items. We believe in a product that not only has a purpose but is the best that it can be in design, colour and quality. All of our products are designed inhouse and sourced either locally or are ethically produced.

Included in our current ranges are adhesive fabric decals for the home and children, mini stickers, melamine dinnerware, wrapping paper and organic children’s bedding.

Our beautiful Fabric wall decals can be used over and over again, almost on any surface. They delight both children and parents and transform any wall or room.

Childrens imaginations will be inspired as they create the beautiful Retro Woodland Scene!

Visit us at www.lovemae.com.au

Product Reviews

Debby16, Cooloongup WA


I spent a fantastic time with my 4 Grandaughters putting this on the wall in their room at my house. We had a ball putting the pieces together to make a great picture. Easy for all ages to do with my youngest Grandaughter being only 3 and the eldest being 10.

Jackie2, Cannon Hill QLD


Love these fabric decals,very inspiring and makes a childs room very colourful. Only problem I found is some of the decals would not come away from the backing sheet easily and had to be cut away.Overall fanastic idea and highly recommend for brightening up your childrens room...