5 x Kids nudie Juice Prize Pack

  • RRP $100.00
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About The Product

nudie, the iconic Australian-owned beverage company, has launched its first ever juice made specifically for children.

The new kids nudie range is made from nothing but fruit, is not made from concentrate and contains no added sugar or preservatives. One kids nudie contains two serves of fruit and can contribute towards a child’s recommended daily intake of fruit.1

The new range has four delicious flavours; nothing but 2.6* oranges, nothing but 2.5* apples, nothing but lemonade and nothing but tropical juice. kids nudie comes in a long life Tetra Pak carton and unlike other nudies, it will last all day in the lunchbox without having to be refrigerated.

Australian sporting legend Liz Ellis has partnered with nudie for the launch of the range. “As a mother I know it’s a challenge to get kids to eat the right amount of fruit each day, so combining a kids nudie juice with a piece of whole fruit is a great way of ensuring kids get the two serves of fruit they need each day,” said Liz.

kids nudie RRPs at $6.99 for a six pack and is available from Woolworths in the chilled section and in selected cafés and corner stores now. 

Product Reviews

Monique51, Dharruk NSW


I got my juices 2 days ago & my kids polished them off yesterday...They absolutely loved them! I was lucky enough they let me have a little sip of each drink so I could see how they taste. The only one I wasn't sold on was the orange flavour...Too much orange for me. In saying that the kids liked it and that's what matter to me =D But I did really like the tropical one. Its different from other tropical flavours but really really nice. They also really liked the funky straws....I wondered at first how they would work getting the drink from the bottom lol. I love the fact the juice comes in taller thinner boxes then most poppers, they were just the right size for the lunchbox my daughter has. They are also really enjoying the pressies that came with. Very cute & the drink bottle is a great size for taking to school. I'll for sure be buying some Nudie juices for my girls in the future!!!!!

Sheridan, Minden QLD


These juices were a big hit with my family!! My kids loved them and I will definitely be buying more.