5 x JUSTICE Professional Haircare Packs

About The Product

Iconic Australian hairdressing brand, Just Cuts has launched professional styling range JUSTICE Professional, a brand new range of exclusive products. The range was driven by the need of over 1,500 Just Cuts stylists to have a product to compliment their youthful and chic cuts.

Consisting of 14 unisex products, the JUSTICE Professional range was designed to allow customers to create their Just Cuts looks at home. These clever and inventive products make it easy and mean you can look and feel your best at all times.

The new creative haircare line services your every need, and allows you to look and feel your best at all times. Made by hairdressers for hairdressers, the products give professional results both in salon and at home.

The team at Just Cuts are the experts in washing and styling who cut over 66,000 Style Cuts a week, the range has everything you need to style your hair professionally at home. All the products are paraben free and the team are so confident, there’s a 14 day money back guarantee if you don’t love the way they work.



Product Reviews

Rebekah94, Hurstville NSW


I'm so impressed with these products that smell great and the shampoo and conditioner was so refreshing and my hair felt so fresh and clean and the Matt smelt so good and felt great putting it on. Great products and very impressed with them all. Thanks

Kerrie , Gladstone Park VIC


The Justice Professional hair product range is truly impressive. I normally use salon quality hair products and I have long, straight, fairly thin hair with a slightly oily scalp and I am thrilled with the Justice products I've tried.
The Cool Mint Shampoo and Conditioner are great, my hair is cleansed thoroughly and conditioned without being weighed down. I've also noticed after a week of use (I wash my hair every day) that my scalp seems less oily.
The Silver Styling Mousse somehow keeps the few pesky greys looking less obvious and creates great body when blow drying for a fuller style.
The Matt wax wasn't something I would normally use, but I used a tiny amount to smooth down the shorter new hairs that poke up around both my hairline and my part - it keeps it all in place without any signs that I've put anything on my hair. Quite a handy product.
I LOVE the Workable Hairspray. I've never used an aerosol free hairspray and was a little shy about it as it sprays out a little wetter than normal aerosol hairspray, but I'm totally sold on it! It dries so quickly and even if you over-do it, it brushes out without leaving hair looking dull which is what usually happens to me with other salon hairsprays. This product will always be a must-have in my bathroom from now on.
The best product of the bunch for me was the Protein Spray. I have used many other styling sprays and oils with my straightener, but none have worked as good as this for me and I thought what I previously used was great. It really does seem to repair slightly split ends and after a night of dancing my hair was not knotty at the back of my neck as it normally is from the constant movement. The most surprising thing about this Protein Spray when combined with the Workable Hairspray is when I get home after big day or night my hair looks the same as when I left the house which is fantastic. Also, it leaves no icky nor oily build up on the hair.
Overall I am extremely pleased with the range, and without doubt I will buy it in the future.

Cheryl542, Woody Point QLD


Wow Great products, love the silver styling mousse my old perm has a new lease on life and it will save me getting another one anytime soon. The hairspray is fabulous and finishes off my hairstyle to stay beautiful all day. The matt styling gave my hair uplift but felt a bit greasy to touch but did not look like it. The detangler was fantastic and really did work, my daughter loves it. Unfortunately the shampoo and conditioner worked really well to start with but then it did not suit my hair type. Now I use it about once a week to give my hair a good clean and a lift. Great range of products that I highly recommend, I will defiantly keep buying the mousse , detangler and hairspray!!

Taryn3, North Richmond NSW


I love the shampoo and conditioner! It leaves my hair soft, but not frizzy! The protein spray is brilliant, it has made a big difference to the health and frizz of my hair. And its so shiny after using the products! The mousse is great, you only need to use a little bit at a time but it curls my hair without making it to 'crunchy' and stiff. My fiancé and son love the hair wax and it washes straight of your fingers without having to scrub it like other wax's. I would recommend these products and will be purchasing more for myself!