5 x Jabra SOLEMATE Portable Bluetooth Speakers

About The Product

Jabra SOLEMATE is a portable Bluetooth speaker that’s shaped like a shoe! It’s shock, dust, sweat and splash resistant, with size and weight comparable to a 500ml bottle of water for easy portability. SOLEMATE is a highly durable speaker designed to withstand the wind and weather to provide the freedom to listen to music and take calls in high quality stereo anywhere, anytime.

Producing a wide volume spectrum SOLEMATE suits a variety of occasions from a family barbeque to an intimate dinner party with friends, while maintaining high quality sound. It connects to any music device wirelessly using Bluetooth or corded via the USB cable. If you can’t agree on what music to play SOLEMATE can connect up to eight devices at once wirelessly, so the group can enjoy music from a range of playlists. The device also doubles as a speakerphone, allowing users to experience loud, clear conversations hands-free.

SOLEMATE comes with a specially designed durable sound bag, so in extreme situations like on a windy beach, just place it in the bag and it will still play loud and clear through the unique fabric. SOLEMATE is available from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Apple and Telstra stores, RRP $179.

For more information on Jabra’s line of Bluetooth® speakers, headsets and in-car speakerphones, please visit www.Jabra.com.au.

Product Reviews

Lisa285, Ayr QLD


What a great new product, easy to use - I asked my 13 yr old daughter to set it up & I was listening to my favourite music out in the garden in no time. We were able to enjoy music out on the veranda while leaving tablet streaming music from inside & voice over from phone call was as clear as the hands free on phone. The sound bag is useful when listening to music in the ute on the farm. Great speaker for the whole family!

Lee280, Sutherland NSW


I have used the Jabre Solemate for a 72 hour period now and have some thoughts about it.

PROS- Looks very good, feels very firm and well built, I feel like I could drop it and it wouldn't break, Its light weight, compact and small.
I'm using the Jabre Solemate with my HTC ONE, It was extremely easy to locate Bluetooth between both devices. I'm not a very technical advanced person so it was quite pleasant to just press a small button on both devices and then have them in sync.
Considering the size of the unit, the sound is exceptional even when used in its carry bag.
I love the tag on the side of the Jabre Solemate for easy carry

CONS- The Jabre Solemate does not have a standard USB input in the device, it does have a small micro USB input but not a large one.
Therefor considering I am using it with my phone I can only use it via Bluetooth and not with a cord attached to both units. With this being my only option when listening to the radio the sound will drop out every 2 or 3 minutes whist my phone Buffers, its extremly annoying and frustrating( I am aware that just may be my phone)
I'm sure there must be an attachment to buy but currently I have not looked into it.
I have an older IPOD which I can not connect to because it does not have Bluetooth and with out a large Standard USB input within the Jabre Solmate. I am unable to use it.

I believe this unit would be extremely good for someone who has a micro USB to micro USB cord
If you are active and want a good small sounding speaker for outdoor purposes, I think this would be ideal for you. I can see that this Unit would full fill many customers needs. It would full fill many more if only it had a Standard size USB INPUT.

Lee, 29 years old

memmy0612, Young NSW


Tiny Unit, Big Sound
This speaker is seriously easy to setup and use. The voice command Bluetooth paring took literally less than 10 seconds and I was up and running streaming music from my iPhone. The unit itself is designed to look like a sneaker and is compact but solid build, with good battery life. The treaded rubber base helps keep it from moving around when you play it at higher volumes, and it also comes with a handy little protector bag (great for at the beach or around the pool). The bag's textured surface is designed to keep moisture, dirt, and sand out, without muffling the sound.
I highly recommend this little speaker to anyone looking for a great-sounding portable speaker. Its super cool and will be my number one accessory this summer.