5 x IsoWhey® Wholefood Hampers

About The Product

IsoWhey Wholefoods is a premium wholefoods range which is full of nutrient-rich ingredients, catering to individuals with specific nutritional requirements and to those who want more from their smoothies.

The formulas boast a range of nutritious ingredients for optimal health. The protein powder in this range delivers high quality alkaline plant-based protein for those seeking an alternative to traditional whey and soy proteins.

With a base of Organic Bio-Fermented Pea + Brown Rice Protein and 6 superfood blends to choose from, the options are endless when it comes to blending up your favourite combinations.
The products in the IsoWhey Wholefoods range are all gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly and contain no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.


Product Reviews

Anna961, Mango Hill QLD


I was so happy to be given the opportunity to try and rate these products as I had recently started using the Lucuma, Chia + Wildcrafted Coconut Powder to add to my breakfast smoothies and absolutely love it so was keen to see what the other products were like too. The variety of flavours are delicious and don't leave a funny aftertaste like some other brands can.

The protein balls were a hit for snack times too as they tasted delicious and again, no nasty 'proteiny' after taste and not too dry. My 5 year old absolutely loved them too which is a bonus since he is a super fussy eater and hard to get anything nutritious into him!

I love that the protein powder is alkaline plant-based, no artificial colours or flavours or sweeteners. I've tried so many different brands of protein powders and some are so terrible that they've been a complete waste of money, not to mention not very healthy with all the additives.

Happy to say that I will most definitely be stocking my pantry with these products! Healthy AND yummy!!

Emma139, Geilston Bay TAS


I follow a gluten free and dairy free diet due to allergies, generally speaking I find it hard to get the nutrients I need. If I'm caught out without lunch or a snack, I do find it difficult to find a 'filler' meal I can grab at short notice. I've tried other smoothie bases before, but I'm yet to find one I'm truly happy with. Pleasingly I found that the IsoWhey Pea and Brown Rice protein powder dissolved well, and unlike others, did not leave a powdery residue in the cup or my mouth. As an additive with berries, fruits and greens I couldn’t taste the Isowhey powder at all. Upon opening the Isowhey powdered Kale Collared Greens and Broccoli Sprout Superfood, it smelled like, well, powdered broccoli. But again, once sprinkled on my cereal and muesli I couldn’t taste it at all. In fact my children didn’t even notice it in their porridge (mum sneaky veggie hack #546). The Isowhey Brown Rice Protein Balls.. oh the balls! My new favourite addition to my handbag, I love these guys! Perfect at any time of the day, they were perfect with a cuppa at morning tea, and satisfied my chocolate craving in the afternoon. Truth be known they even substituted for breakfast on one particularly hectic morning. They are not too sweet, but rich enough to satisfy any craving and kept me full for two hours. These were my absolute favourite and I will continue to stock them in my pantry. Overall the Isowhey range didn’t upset my allergies at all and I love that they are organic. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting nutritional additives to their diet, especially if your diet is restrictive or sensitive.